What to Do If the Suction Bra Does Not Fit: Breast Extension with Saline Solution

Today, a patient comes for an extension treatment of her breast with saline solution. If this is done regularly, it can save breast augmentation patients the hassle of wearing a mechanical suction bra, something that can make sense before a breast augmentation with the body’s own fat and stem cells. In her case there was no perfectly fitting suction bra cup available, not even in the United States. Thus the pre-stretching with saline solution is a pleasant alternative for her!

At this procedure 0.9 % saline solution gets injected into the breast concerning, which leads to a breast swelling and to an increase in volume of up to 2 cup sizes. Two days later the injected liquid gets absorbed by the body and the breast returns to its original size.

Recently young American girls have discovered this treatment for themselves to quickly present a bigger bosom over the weekend, as you know as reader of my blog. The downside of this “party bosom”: By repeating this procedure frequently tightness of the breast suffers – similar to the process of milk engorgement.

We use to turn exactly this effect to account in the pre-treatment for autologous fat transfer into the breast (lipofilling): The pre-stretching creates more place for the later injected autologous fat and thus allows for a more extensive augmentation.

The treatment with saline solution is particularly suitable for a breast reconstruction with autologous fat and stem cells or in case of very tight breast tissue.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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