Skin Regeneration: Tips for Beautiful Skin in Summer

What can you do to indulge your skin and to care for it optimally?

If you love to take a sunbath and let your skin become tanned you should help your skin to regenerate.

Mother Nature did luckily equip our body with autologous “substances” which enable natural regeneration – completely without artificial chemicals and foreign objects.

Blood and Body Fat as Natural Fountain of Youth

Your own blood consists of platelets (thrombocytes) which support regeneration. The so-called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) gives new freshness to your skin. Especially in facial areas treatments with autologous blood, also called “vampire liftings”, are often used for regeneration.

Stem cells open up a great potential of regenerative treatment options. Your body fat is your personal “storage” of autologous stem cells. After obtaining a small amount of body fat by means of liposuction the precious stem cells extracted from the fat can be used for skin regeneration of face and body. Locally injected into the face, neck, or cleavage the stem cells regenerate the tissue and provide new freshness and elasticity.

Outer Beauty and Vitality by Regeneration from Within

We owe our hormones to a large extent that our entire organism functions – our overall well-being, our productivity, resilience, and vitality are largely determined by our hormone levels. Through wear and overstress the capability of our endocrine glands and organs decreases. Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich regenerates your body from the inside. Externally, a significant improvement in the skin’s appearance on the face and body can be achieved – your skin becomes rosier, tighter, and radiates new vitality.

Our beauty drink Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® cares for your skin from within. A special mixture of collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid supports your skin’s regeneration by supplying it with these essential components. Perfect Skin is available as beauty drink in the varieties Premium Edition and Standard and for those who prefer to create their own flavor as a practical powder for mixing.

Intensive Skin Care from the Outside

Growth factors from skin cells (epidermal growth factors) act as intensive treatment for regeneration of your skin. Adapted to your specific needs and desires the particular serum consisting of growth factors is introduced to skin with a mesotherapy roller to achieve regeneration and tightening of the skin, treatment of cellulite, depigmentation, fat reduction, and/or hair growth.

We will gladly support you in enjoying the sun carefree!

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