Protect Your Body from Harmful Sugar Deposits with Alpha Lipoic Acid Infusion

Sugar and artificial sweeteners in “diet drinks” and “light products” are bad for health and beauty. Whereas sugar leads to high blood sugar almost directly, artificial sweeteners make the blood sugar level rise indirectly by disturbing the intestinal flora, as reported in the prestigious journal Nature recently.

We recommend our patients a Paleolithic diet, similar to the diet of the famous Iceman Ötzi. However, this is easier said than done for many people:

Many industrially produced foods contain added artificial sweeteners without us knowing it – not only “light” or “diet products”. Therefore it is not surprising how difficult it is for many overweight people to lose weight.

Both sugar and sweeteners can make fat and sick and lead to diabetes in the long term. Elevated blood sugar levels are partly responsible for accumulation of sugar in cells and tissues. The sugar deposits promote cell aging and can make cells lose vitality. Not just skin cells, but also nerve cells and cells of our retinas are damaged by the sugar stored in the cells. This is worst in diabetes!

Infusion treatment with alpha lipoic acid helps

Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that is used in the treatment of diabetes and the damage it causes to the nerves. It can also be used to “clean” our cells by driving out the sugar stored in our tissues.

We offer treatments with alpha lipoic acid in my clinic in Vienna from now on.

What can those do for whom a strict Stone Age diet and the abandonment of sugar and sweeteners to the greatest possible extent are too difficult? I recommend them regular infusion treatment with alpha lipoic acid to remove the sugar deposits from their bodies.

This applies especially to those who like delicious candy. Another tip: If at all, then just avoid artificial sweeteners and instead enjoy real chocolate with a high cocoa content ;-).

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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