Massive Lipedema, Overweight and Osteoarthritis as a Result of Light Drinks? (Part 1)

Recently a heavy patient (150 kilograms) with massive lipedema of upper and lower legs consulted me. In addition she suffers from severe fat accumulation in all parts of the body. A blood analysis revealed an elevated blood glucose level but no diabetes.

Now our patient swore that she hardly ever ate sweets, she would on the contrary even fast for many days, but still she could not lose weight.

What was found? She regularly drinks gallons of Zero Coke and other diet drinks with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin! As you know it has recently been found out that artificial sweeteners can make you fat by interfering with the intestinal flora.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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One comment

  • I suffer with lipodema as well as lymphedema and this article just made me realize that I am probably doing the same as the patient in the article with the exception that I do not drink soda (diet or regular) all that much, I drink coffee and tea in large amounts throughout the day. I use sweet n low in my drinks. I imagine it would have the same effect. So, thanks for the article. I will have to get used to drinking my drinks with no sweetners at all.