Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat

Bad news for consumers of “diet drinks” and “light products”: Israeli researchers have just found out that artificial sweeteners can cause an alteration of the intestinal flora which in turn raises blood sugar levels. This can indeed make you fat and even lead to diabetes.

Why does hardly anyone succeed in losing weight by using artificial sweeteners? According to the journal Nature Israeli researchers tested in mice how a diet high in artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharin affects blood sugar levels. To the surprise of the researchers they noted an increase in blood sugar (glucose) and worsening of glucose tolerance, both typical for diabetes.

Next they extended their study to humans and noticed the same results: Artificial sweeteners also alter the human intestinal flora and in turn increase the blood sugar level, which causes insulin secretion to rise and promote fat storage. Also in humans this finally results in weight gain and diabetes.

Today artificial sweeteners are added in many industrially processed foods, not only in “light” or “diet products”. Therefore it is not surprising how difficult it is for many overweight people to lose weight.

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With artificial sweeteners in any case losing weight does not work.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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