Tubular Breasts: Correction with Fat Transfer?

A patient asks us by e-mail about breast correction with lipofilling:

As a woman with small, slightly tubular breasts who doesn’t like the appearance of breast implants I became interested in the stem cell breast augmentation technique. Can it help?

Correction of tubular breasts can be achieved with standard fat transfer as well as stem cell-assisted lipotransfer. Sometimes a special needling technique has to be employed during surgery to open up the contracting tissue that causes the tubular appearance. Depending on the volume difference and the breast’s shape multiple procedures may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

In case of a significant asymmetry or tight breast tissue wearing a suction bra device can help to pre-stretch the smaller breast in order to allow for accommodation of a larger amount of fat. Extension treatment of the breast can also be performed by injecting saline solution into the breast. The swelling caused by the injected saline solution stretches the breast tissue and will subside within about two days. This method is especially useful if there is no suction bra cup available that fits perfectly.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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