News about stem cell breast augmentation

The trend toward gentler, less invasive Cosmetic Surgery methods is increasingly gaining in importance. As a leader in Europe, our surgery in Vienna has been performing breast augmentation using stem cells since the year 2007.

These types of intervention have also recently started to be offered in the United States. In fact, U.S. media is positive, sometimes even euphoric, concerning the potential of stem cell-enriched autologous fat. The results of stem cell therapy are convincing due to their special natural appearances and significantly less invasiveness when compared to traditional methods such as silicone implants and facelifts.

Stem cell therapy utilizing stem cell-enriched autologous fat particularly lends itself, apart from the body shaping (e.g. breast, buttocks, dent correction, etc.), also to treatments for face, cleavage and hand skin rejuvenation.

Patients often ask me whether every woman is suited for breast augmentation using stem cell-enriched autologous fat and what the limits are concerning the increase in size of the breasts.

Apart from women who are very skinny, sufficient fat can be obtained by liposuction using microcannulas for most women to be able to have a breast augmentation performed utilizing stem cells.

To which extent a particular woman’s breasts can be enlarged depends largely on the elasticity of her breast tissue. The more compliant and stretchable the breast tissue is, the more it can absorb stem cell-enriched fat. In particular, we are frequently consulted by women who have lost breast volume following breast feeding.

Thus, in this process, a certain “looseness” of the breast is an advantage if more than 1 cup size should be gained. For breasts having a normal level of firmness, it is usual to achieve an increase of about 1 cup size per surgical intervention. However, for breasts that are very firm, more than one intervention may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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