More hair and a younger face thanks to autologous stem cells and growth factors

For many years I have been providing especially gentle treatments from the Regenerative Medicine repertoire at the Clinic DDr. Heinrich: along with Hormonal Regeneration®, autologous stem cells from autologous fat for enhancing, rejuvenating, and regenerating the body are particularly worth mentioning.

The biological potential of stem cells contained in fat deposits enables an impressive regeneration of facial and body skin. Other possibilities for this treatment include the so-called stem cell facelift, sustainable body silhouette shaping, and also silicone-free breast augmentation!

The rejuvenating effect of stem cells lies in part in the fact that they produce special tissue hormones (growth factors). The bioidentical synthesis of these hormones in the laboratory and the therapeutic implementation thereof have been possible for some time.

Hence we now offer a new procedure with specially adapted growth factors from skin cells as a simplified alternative to stem cell-assisted fat transfer. To a certain degree, we are able to duplicate the rejuvenating and regenerative effect of stem cell therapy with this new therapy. In the scope of the treatment, we use very short micro needles to introduce the growth factors into the skin. No surgery is involved.

Moreover, it is possible to stimulate thinning hair to more luxurious growth with specially adapted hair follicle growth factors. Whether it will be possible to treat complete baldness with this method, however, remains to be seen.

With a little training, one can even perform this treatment oneself at home.

The future lies in the use of cell-specific growth factors and tissue hormones! It is important to note, however, that an optimum regeneration of organs and tissues cannot be achieved by local measures alone. A thorough regenerative treatment of the whole body is required in all cases, and Hormonal Regeneration® (bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy) is the gold standard for doing so.

Stem cell therapy with autologous stem cells from autologous fat will be an option for rejuvenating organs and the entire body in the not too distant future.

We are thus making great strides towards achieving the benefits of that legendary Golden Age, in which people live for more than 100 years in relative ease, remain attractive and vital, and show hardly any signs of aging. What do you think?

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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