Effective Anti-Aging with bioidentical hormones

Almost all anti-aging experts agree that what is crucial to remaining vital, strong and youthful well into old age is that all the endocrine glands of the body produce hormones in the right amount. While we in Austria and Germany are still discussing whether one could therefore justify a certain age-hormone substitution, the debate at leading scientific anti-aging conferences in U.S. and Asia is no longer about “if” but only about “starting when” and “in what doses”. What is essential, however, is that the hormones used must be “bioidentical”. Unfortunately, in post-menopausal therapy it was not bioidentical hormones that were normally used but rather artificial hormones similar to drugs, whose side effects have in the meanwhile been proven in large-scale studies. So when one also speaks of the “increased risk of breast cancer”, one must stress that this is increased when artificial pseudo-oestrogens are administered in high monotherapy doses, which goes against the physiology of the human body.

An effective anti-aging treatment always begins with a comprehensive analysis of all relevant hormones, determination of hormone deficiencies and subsequent therapy with bioidentical hormones that are as natural as possible – of course, with growth hormone as well, if that is deficient. Contrary to the scientifically outdated opinion that is often bandied about, HGH does not promote cancer, but on the contrary protects against it, if properly applied. Hormonal balance in particular must be taken into account; everything, even weight loss, is easier if the hormones are in balance with each other. Our patients feel and look impressively younger by up to 15 years when they are treated with bioidentical hormones. And what is pleasing – many of the other anti-aging measures, which consist mainly of self-castigation, are therefore completely dispensed with!

Together with the cutting-edge field of anti-aging and cosmetic medicine and the body’s own stem cells, which are obtained by means of special procedures using suction-assisted extraction of autologous fat, bioidentical hormones make up an important pillar of the New Cosmetic Surgery that enables impressive aesthetic treatments: from rejuvenation and tightening of the face and eyelids, which dispense with face lifts and eyelid surgery, to body forming and even breast augmentation without silicone!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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