Sir Sean Connery would rather be 40 than 80…

What 80-year-old would rather not look like a 40-year-old and play just as vital a part in life? This is true too for the “Sexiest Man Alive”, Sean Connery, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

In the legendary Golden Age, people reputedly looked youthful until well into old age and remained as vital as 40-year-olds. Some researchers believe memories of the Palaeolithic underlie the legend of the golden age, as advancements in hunting technology allowed people easy access to good quality food in otherwise relatively peaceful and pleasant living conditions.

Now that the golden age is long gone (probably around 10,000 years ago), man must earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, some a little more easily, most a lot harder than Sir Sean Connery. But now we have reason to rejoice: new medical technologies could reopen access for us to the Golden Age. The body’s own stem cells and Hormonal Regeneration with bioidentical hormones are the magic keys, which may turn an 80-year-old in the future back into a 40-year-old, at least regarding biological age!

We can already perform not only breast augmentation with stem cells, but also fully fledged rejuvenation of facial skin and tissue in our Vienna clinic! And the best thing: as a starting point we need just a little of the body’s own fat, which we extract using microcannular liposuction… A few steps on the road back to paradise – what do you think?

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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