Sex and the City – Samantha and the Hormones

Rejuvenation and regeneration with bioidentical hormones from the Clinic DDr. Heinrich®

Vienna (2010-06-08) — In the current episode of SATC, Samantha Jones is rejuvenating herself with bioidentical hormones taken in the form of colorful pills or applied as crèmes. “I am 52, and when you’re 50, I’ll still look like I’m 35,” she says to motivate her friends. After her hormone preparations are confiscated by customs on a trip, she suffers from loss of sex drive. Back in the USA, she can truly experience pleasure with no adverse physical or legal consequences thanks to melatonin, testosterone, etc.

According to DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, Viennese Hormonal Regeneration® expert: “Starting at around 40, or younger when under work-related stress, a bioidentical hormone regimen is recommended, as it can prevent many aging-related limitations.” Whereas doctors used to prescribe only synthetic sex hormones, which had certain side effects, in Hormonal Regeneration® DDr. Heinrich supplements each deficient hormone with bioidentical hormones to duplicate the hormone level of a young person.

Samantha would be advised to have her next therapy adjustment in the Clinic DDr. Heinrich®. Then she wouldn’t have to keep taking a handful of pills: Thanks to DDr. Heinrich’s research, now there is a bioidentical hormone combination containing the daily dose of the key bioidentical hormones in a single capsule: Instant Chi by Clinic DDr. Heinrich®!

Hormonal Regeneration® and Instant Chi allow overworked endocrine glands to cut back their own production and recover. The improved mental state and increased performance thus achieved take effect within a few weeks. A sustainable result with visible physical rejuvenation, however, requires several months of continuous optimum treatment by a specialist.

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