An end to plastic and scalpels?

It really is time to put an end to patients undergoing the excesses of exaggerated aesthetic surgery that is no longer up to date! Unnatural-looking silicone breasts, tight, lifted, doll-like faces – from the point of view of doctors this could all soon be a thing of the past. An interdisciplinary beauty and rejuvenatory medical treatment is currently being developed from the scalpel and tightening cosmetic surgery, where silicone, tightening and scalpels will be unnecessary in most cases!

Instead of liberal cuts with the scalpel, the “New Cosmetic Surgery” uses minimally invasive, gentle cosmetic operations under local anaesthetic; instead of silicone, stem cells won through microcannulation from the body’s own fat tissue, whereby, for example, permanent, natural-looking, silicone-free breast augmentation has long been possible as well as bio-identical hormones and growth factors! This technology also puts an end to operations where a lot of tissue is cut away, such as the traditional face-lifting or lid correction. Stem cells from the patient’s own body have a local rejuvenating and regenerating effect and can be used in many aesthetic treatments instead of the tightening and shortening methods with the scalpel! The Mickey Rourke facelift look is thus a thing of the past!

The greatest potential of the New Cosmetic Surgery lies in its perfect and balanced combination of gentle treatment methods! Practically every cosmetic problem of face, body and skin can be treated optimally in this way. And above all, the results are completely natural. Cutting away with a scalpel or the implanting of silicone cushions or other artificial substances will in future happily be considered only in exceptional cases.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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