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Fat Transfer to the Breasts: Predictability, Durability, Risks

A patient who is interested in stem cell breast augmentation asks: My doctor said the results of fat transfer are not predictable and that it does not retain. How many years have you been doing this procedure, how many have you done? What are the risk factors with it? In most cases the results of […]

Breast Augmentation Using a Vacuum Pump?

The vacuum of an appropriate suction cup can lead to considerable breast augmentation. However, the achieved effect is unfortunately of a temporary nature only in most cases. And who wants to run around with a suction cup underneath the blouse all the time ;-)… If breast augmentation with autologous fat transfer (with stem cells) is […]

Breast Augmentation: How Much More Is “One Cup Size More”?

The cup size is determined by the difference between chest circumference and thorax circumference (measured below the breast, rounded to 5 centimeters). A difference of 13 centimeters stands for cup size A, 15 centimeters for cup size B, 17 centimeters for cup size C, and so on. Your underbust circumference is for example 75 centimeters. […]

Body Forming: Ideal Figure and Bikini Cleavage Instead of Winter Fat

Finally… Summer is just around the corner! After dismal winter weather we cannot wait to banish our thick winter jackets into the back of our wardrobe, showing more skin again and indulging in summery pleasure. But often there is a question arising: What can we do to get rid of winter fat and to make […]

Breast Implant Ruptured: Fat Transfer for Australian Patients

A patient from Australia asks about breast reconstruction/augmentation with autologous fat and stem cells: I have had implants in before but unfortunately I had no choice but to have them removed due to them being ruptured from a needle biopsy. It has been 2 years since and I still can’t stand to look at them […]

Breast Augmentation: Fat Transfer versus Stem Cell-Enriched Fat Transfer

A patient who is interested in breast augmentation with fat transfer wants to know: Is there proof that stem cell-enriched fat absorbs any less than normal fat? Why is the procedure more expensive than the “standard” fat augmentation of breasts? There is ample evidence from those practitioners who offer both procedures, like we do, that […]

Saggy Breasts after Breastfeeding: Treatment with Autologous Fat and Stem Cells

A patient writes us by e-mail: I would be interested in stem cell treatment (autologous fat transfer to the breast). In April 2014 my daughter was born and after breastfeeding my breasts are obviously tinier and more saggy, from which I suffer a lot. A breast augmentation with autologous fat or stem cell-enriched autologous fat […]

Too Thin for Fat Transfer to the Breast?

A patient asks by e-mail about breast enlargement with fat transfer: I asked few doctors in France, but most of them tell me that I don’t have enough fat. And I will have to do implants and fat transfer to have 32C. But I don’t want to use implant. If harvesting fat is done by […]

Correction of Breast Asymmetry with Fat Transfer

A patient with breast asymmetry wants to know: I read about your method of breast augmentation with stem cells. Is it also possible to change the shape or to better a certain inequality with that method? That is possible; depending on severity of the unevenness it could be necessary to do pre-treatments, for example a […]