Bioidentical Hormones Protect Heart and Vessels

A current study on US veterans now shows the importance of hormones for cardiovascular health. According to the result a therapy with bioidentical hormones – in this case particularly testosterone – has a protective effect on heart and vessels.

Especially one group of the study participants, all of them male high-risk patients with low testosterone levels, has attracted positive attention. Participants who were supplied with testosterone until their levels corresponded to the ones of young men, did have a lower risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attacks or strokes and also survival rate increased. A balanced hormone balance seems to play a big role in this.

Under certain circumstances administration of only one specific hormone as so-called monotherapy can make sense. However, as hormones in the body are influencing in a complex circuit, intake of all lacking hormones is recommendable. In the context of hormonal regeneration hormones are administered in bioidentical form, which correspond to our human hormones in their chemical structure.

The first step of the therapy is a comprehensive analysis of the current hormonal state. With this knowledge an individual therapy plan is created. Regular check-ups, in which blood parameters are evaluated, allow for frequent adaption of the therapy and thus to optimize the result. The treatment mostly lasts either 3 or 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days) and can be repeated on request.

Hormonal balance provides benefits to health and well-being increases. Depending on the administered bioidentical hormones a protection of the cardiovascular system, general strengthening, improvement of libido or potency, reduction of tiny wrinkles, or weight loss can be achieved.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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