Kate Upton’s Fake Tan: Hot or Not?

2014 she was the most googled model worldwide – well before Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr & Co. We are talking about Kate Upton. Now 23 years old she is already able to present a remarkable career. In addition to a lot of model jobs she meanwhile also managed to grab movie roles, among others in the comedy The Other Woman, in which she is plotting revenge to an unfaithful husband together with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann…

The American beauty was raised in Florida, and although this part of the U.S. is called “sun state” because of its clear weather, Kate told us of her former solarium addiction. “I grew up in Florida and indeed I was a bit addicted to the solarium,” said Kate about her times as a teenager in the sun state, “but today I am much more clever.” The star of The Other Woman has already perceived that she is putting health and skin quality at risk by frying under the artificial sun coming from the wall socket.

In a certain dose both UVA and UVB radiation cause damage in the human genetic material and can induce diseases such as skin cancer, but also accelerated skin aging, the so-called “photo aging”. According to the latest scientific findings at least one percent of all malignant skin cancer diseases should be attributable to the negative effect of sunlight. This fact applies to a larger extent to artificial UV light than for the natural sun.

Sunbathing should be enjoyed in moderation – but which possibilities are on offer to tan in a gentle and at the same time natural way? Especially people with light skin, such as Kate Upton, frequently ask this question. These people often do not have this effect of getting tanned – but if, they do not without having a tissue-damaging and often painful sun burn additionally.

In this case a treatment with melanotropin can make sense. This hormone is responsible for the production of the dark skin pigment melanin. During this therapy it can be administered to the body. As a consequence a quicker and regular tanning of the skin is achieved, completely without skin-damaging side effects of excessive sun baths or visits of the sunbeds. Currently such therapies are difficult to access for average people who do not suffer from a certain skin disease. So the excitement remains whether this substance is going to find wide application in future times or not.

And what to do against damage from the use of tanning salons, such as wrinkles as well as dry, blotchy skin? With the help of autologous stem cells extracted from autologous fat the skin quality can be improved. Stem cells needed for skin regeneration are isolated from a small portion of fat, which is obtained gently by the means of liposuction with microcannulas.

In any case it is recommendable to supply the skin with its basic elements collagen or hyaluronic acid via nutrition, which are both very often reduced in damaged skin. Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink or Powder to mix yourself are able to regenerate the skin from the inside out.

With the age of 23 Kate is still young, but by visiting solariums frequently even her young and tender skin can already be affected. But if she is going to refrain from her former sins against her skin in future times and therefore reaches for regenerative treatments she will hopefully be able to delight in her beautiful skin for a long time to come, even if she is taking a relaxing sun bath under the true sun occasionally. Because this is – as we know – in metes and bounds even healthy for our body and soul.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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