Jurassic World: Even Dinosaur Skin Contained Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

In the new episode of Jurassic Park the dinosaur theme park on Isla Nuba is in operation already for a long time, but it has financial problems. The scientists want to produce more “thrill” by developing a genetically modified pimped predatory dinosaur to attract more paying visitors.

But what has actually made dinosaurs so successful that they could dominate the earth for 200 million of years? And why did mammals have to wait 200 millions of years for their turn? Mammals were already present before dinosaurs had inhabited the earth, namely in that time of the so-called perm period. They evolved – like the dinosaurs did as well – from reptiles and were biologically seen quite similar to the today’s platypus – so they had fur, warm-blooded body temperature and probably they even laid eggs. Suddenly all of the mammals apart from a few small forms died out and made way for the dinosaurs.

What happened? The atmosphere got contaminated due to eruptions of huge volcanos, the level of oxygen dropped to such an extent that mammals were simply hardly able to breathe.

Now the dinosaurs appeared on the scene: They were warm-blooded like mammals, instead of fur they had scales (later feathers) and in addition they had an epochal innovation in their body plan: The dinosaurs had air sacs in their bones, so that they could inhale considerably more oxygen from the air than mammals could. With this polluted atmosphere they were clearly more vital than mammals, whose ecological niches were quickly occupied in the following triad. Because they had considerable lighter, air-containing bones in contrast to mammals they could very quickly take on enormous biodiversity right up to huge forms. At that time mammals were restricted to the existence as tiny, shrew-like, nocturnal robbers.

What actually meant the end of the dinosaurs is not yet 100 % clear. Anyway, we know that the impact of a comet 65 millions years ago had caused a global inferno, to which all of the land animals bigger than a cat felt victim to in the time following. And what happened with the small dinosaurs? Some of them are still alive…

What has been suspected for a long time has now been evidenced: Collagen in Tyrannosaurus Rex’ fossilized bones (short form: T. Rex) was analyzed and it was proven that both T. Rex and the chicken belong to the same group of dinosaurs. Thus birds are as well as their popular ancestors feathered, two-legged predatory dinosaurs.

But what do dinosaurs and our domestic chicken have to do with regenerative medicine?

Collagen in bones of extinct animals does not only sound interesting for paleontologists but has also been playing a big role in traditional Chinese medicine for millenniums. Thus collagen is the basic building block of many body tissues such as skin, subcutaneous tissue, cartilage, and bones. Therefore it is important to supply our body with collagen via nutrition.

To foster beauty from the inside out we have developed the product series Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich®. Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® consists of the substances your skin needs for regeneration and a fresh appearance, namely a special blend of collagen and natural hyaluronic acid. Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® is available as ready-to-drink beauty shot for daily delight with high-quality pure organic juices, or for those who want to create their favorite taste themselves, as powder. Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® is free from artificial sweeteners, flavorings, and preservatives. Of course without any added sugar as well.

If you are – apart from the collagen extent in the dinosaur skin – also interested in the story of Jurassic World, just one little hint: As a matter of course the genetically modified dinosaur, bigger and more dangerous than its ancestors, escapes in complete unmanageable nature and runs amok together with his dinosaur colleagues among the visitors of the theme park.

We won’t tell you if the dinosaurs could finally be held back, who knows, maybe you will find out yourself during indulging your skin with a shot Perfect Skin Beauty Drink.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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