Bruce Jenner: Is He the New Michael Jackson?

Once he took Gold for America at the Olympic Games in Montreal. Nowadays he is obviously spending time rather at the beauty doc than on the sports ground. Who knows Bruce Jenner from his decathlon career will hardly recognize him at his performance in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This is all about the pompous life of Kim, her siblings and her mother, who are all among the regulars of plastic surgery. Bruce imitates what his family is demonstrating – but in an even more excessive way.

Since his break-up from his wife Kris Jenner not only his appearance changed significantly, but also his whole life. At first he all alone moved into a huge beach home in Malibu, then he let his hair grow, got himself a Harley-Davidson and decided for one aesthetic procedure after another. Diagnosis: midlife-crisis. The break-up from his wife, with whom he was going through peaks and valleys together for 22 years, does not seem to go unnoticed at Bruce, even optically.

After a correction of his nose and a lifting of his neck and face his craze succeeds with a smoothing of his Adam’s apple, with which he was unsatisfied since ever, according to insiders. Especially the last mentioned surgery let media – indeed warranted – vigorously discuss about a possible gender reassignment of the reality star. His family vehemently denied this rumor, but if we take a short look at him we immediately recognize that the overall picture of the former Olympic champion becomes more and more female – hardly anything is left from the seasoned man.

Although the media declare the 64-year-old as the new Michael Jackson due to his tendency to plastic surgery, voluntary support from the family is ensured, TMZ reported. The identity change would be his method to deal with the break-up. Important would be that he’s lucky! Well, if so!

Outward changes and his new life style let us suppose at least, that the ex-athlete wishes himself back into his days of youth, which were full of physical fitness and sex appeal, and obviously he wants to run through this lucky time again. Countless surgeries are not enough to achieve this aim. With increasing age structures of our body like the hormonal glands lose their effectiveness, which is apparent on the one side in form of reduced hormone levels, on the other side in form of optical and psychical changes.

If Bruce doesn’t want somebody to think he’s an old rocker on his Harley-Davidson, who is past his sell-by date, he could consider a Hormonal Regeneration® with bioidentical hormones (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, BHRT). Thereby his body gets strengthened from within, libido and sexual power get increased and the complexion of the skin gets improved as well. Maybe this is a realistic way to spread new power and endurance and to attract women again, including his ex-wife Kris. The procedure is quite easy:

At the beginning of every Hormonal Regeneration® there is a comprising analysis of the actual hormonal state. Afterwards each patient gets his own tailor-made therapy plan, taking account to the patient’s personal aims. As a part of the therapy lacked hormones like DHEA, growth hormone, testosterone, thyroxine, and pregnenolone gets supplied to the body in bioidentical form. Therapies with bioidentical hormones last optionally 3 or 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days) and can be repeated as desired. A regenerative effect can already be recognized short time after therapy begins.

A difficult phase of life, like the one in which Bruce Jenner is currently standing, is anyway a conceivably wrong moment for impetuous operative physical changes. Instead an individually adjusted therapy with bioidentical hormones could help him to recharge his batteries. And who knows – if Bruce is smoking full of wit riding his Harley-Davidson across California, maybe his desire for further physical changes done by scalpel disappears by itself, says

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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