Jennifer Lawrence: Upset because of uneven breasts?

In the past few years, Jennifer Shrader Lawrence has taken Hollywood by storm. The 22-year-old US-American actress got her big break in 2010 when she was given the lead role in Debra Granik’s independent film Winter’s Bone and was awarded the actor award by the Seattle International Film Festival and the National Board of Review Award as the best talented young actress. She was showered with numerous accolades for the lead part she recently played in the tragic comedy Silver Linings.

Since then, the beautiful archeress from The Hunger Games (Die Tribute von Panem) has been riding a wave of success. As recently as February, she was named best actress and was given the coveted Oscar award. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence is not only a good actress, but the flirtatious star also gets top marks for her appearances on the red carpet.

Jennifer recently surprised her fans when she poured her heart out in the Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show: “I had a chest X-ray taken of my lungs at the doctor’s office today and I discovered that my breasts are uneven […] I only hope that no one will ever get to see my breasts on an X-ray. Hopefully, nobody will ever see me in this kind of light.”

Nothing about the human body is completely symmetrical. The unevenness of Jennifer’s body certainly cannot be that bad, if she only realized it after having an X-ray done. However, let us assume that the sides differ greatly in size, causing psychological stress, which happens very frequently – how could a woman like Jennifer Lawrence even out asymmetrical breasts in a natural and gentle fashion without having the larger breast reduced in size by an operation, which might be a strain on her health? We assume that she does not want to have any foreign bodies implanted into her smaller breast and therefore, silicone is out of the question for her.

A breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat can give many women a symmetrical and, if desired, fuller cleavage, without silicone and scalpel having to be used.

It often happens that the best results are achieved with just one round of treatment. The doctor focusses on the smaller, actually often shorter breast and will try, as far as possible, to make it the same size as the larger breast by modeling the smaller breast with stem cell-enriched autologous fat. In contrast, much less is injected into the longer and more flexible breast. The result is a shape adjustment, whereby the smaller breast’s capacity serves as orientation. The breasts should then be practically of the same size, although a certain difference in shape usually remains.

If the patient wishes to have a breast augmentation carried out in addition to breast symmetry, this can usually be done with two rounds of treatment. During the first procedure, the maximum volume of stem cell-enriched autologous fat is injected into both breasts. The asymmetry is obviously increased by doing this, since the larger breast will be considerably more enlarged than the smaller one. Approximately six months later, the second procedure is carried out; this time only the small breast is augmented, in order that both breasts are the same size. Ideally, the result can be seen in augmented breasts that are practically the same shape and size.

For certain breast shapes, mechanical pre-stretching before the procedure/s can be useful. I will inform you about this another time.

By undergoing this procedure using local anesthesia, Jennifer Lawrence could say goodbye forever to her uneven breasts. In any case, this young actress has had a very successful career up until now, which goes to show that a completely symmetrical body is not a requirement for success – not even in the acting profession, where looks are everything!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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