Stem cell transplantation is not always the same as stem cell enrichment

Clinic DDr. Heinrich® was the first place in Europe to offer aesthetic stem cell transplantations like breast augmentation without silicone and the facelift without scalpel in 2006. In 2010 some other doctors started to advertise stem cell treatments – most of them doctors who publicly criticized the application of autologous stem cells in the past. I appreciate that former critics decided to change their minds and to offer treatments which make silicone implants and scalpel superfluous. The patients’ well-being is always of utmost importance in aesthetic medicine!

Kindly be aware that stem cell transplantation is not always the same as stem cell enrichment: Every injection of autologous fat is basically a stem cell transplant because fatty tissue contains a large number of stem cells. However, only the complex process of stem cell enrichment which significantly increases the stem cell content in the implant enables for the excellent stable results stem cell breast augmentation and the stem cell facelift are known for all over the world.

Actual stem cell enrichment only requires a single application and is thus more expensive than other less-advanced techniques. For example, breast augmentation with fat harvested using automatic “waterjet liposuction” and without stem cell enrichment requires multiple applications in order to obtain the desired augmentation of the breast…

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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