Axl Rose: A singer through the ages

When the world-famous superstar Axl Rose (49) went up on stage at the festival Rock in Rio in October, his fans were hardly able to recognize him at first sight. But, in contrast to singer Barry Manilow, excessive plastic surgery for once, was not to blame this time. In fact, way of life, exhausting occupation, and premature aging have left their traces behind on the frontman of the legendary U.S. band Guns N’ Roses.

There’s only little what is left of the Axl Rose who was whizzing across the stage in the late 80’s with naked upper body, flowing mane, and upper arm tattoos, conquering the hearts of his fans with hits like “November Rain” and who even had a brief relationship with top model Stephanie Seymour. Meanwhile, it is said that Axl Rose (real name William Bailey) has put on lots of weight and lost a lot of his sex appeal.

By now we are aware that the performance of our endocrine glands weakens with increasing age. This results in hormone deficiencies and hormonal imbalances which can have a negative impact on our well-being and attractiveness. Testosterone deficiency, lack of growth hormone, DHEA, and many other hormones are literally written on the face of many older people: Sunken cheeks, pale skin as well as obesity, flabby body, and a loss of body odor attractiveness frequently result from hormonal imbalances.

On the other hand, film legends like Sean Connery, the “Sexiest Man Alive”, show that men even at a mature age may still radiate a magical attraction to the fair sex. The age-related drop in performance of the endocrine glands is apparently quite individual and depends on a lot of factors, especially on inheritance, way of life, stress, and other possible diseases.

However, even on a sex symbol like Sean Connery, the age-related drop in performance of the endocrine glands with increasing age is clearly visible on his face and his body. Although he looks younger than his age due to his inherited powerful endocrine glands, he would also benefit from a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT): His endocrine glands which are working to the limit would be relieved, he would even look significantly younger and firmer than he already looks now for being more than 80 years of age and he would also benefit of being in substantially better shape.

In turn, Axl Rose would be able to regain his ideal weight more easily and recapture his firm upper body, if he would have a treatment done to rebalance his age-related hormone deficiencies.

A decisive factor is that bioidentical hormones are exclusively administrated within the scope of Hormonal Regeneration® which simulate human hormones in its structure.

Treatment with bioidentical hormones usually lasts 3 or 6 months. Hormonal Regeneration® also helps the body to recover in times of stress. Even among younger people, a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy could possibly work true miracles in phases of “burnout”, stress at work and at home.

Since overweight, as in Axl Rose’s case, is often linked to hormone deficiencies or imbalances, a treatment with bioidentical hormones besides other treatment measures – diet sheet, training program, and liposuction – can help to reach and keep an ideal weight.

Even if Axl Rose would not blossom out to be the next “Sexiest Man Alive” by undergoing a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, he could still benefit from it for his fans and for himself by being able to regain his firm body and the radiance of his younger days. What do you think?

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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