Does Botox also make young women old?

The United States has been considered a trendsetter in matters of cosmetic surgery for a long time. In hardly another country are cosmetic procedures as obvious as in the USA. However, as we know from the media, it is exaggerated there all too often: Who does not know the very tight doll-like faces of aging Hollywood divas due to Botox injections or the breasts which have been enlarged by silicon? Especially in cosmetic surgery, it applies that less is often more!

Recently, a particularly shocking case from the United States became known: A mother is said to have injected Botox in the face of her 8 year old daughter. The reason: The mother wanted her daughter to win the first prize in a beauty contest for children! Hence, Botox allegedly would prevent the child from furrowing her brow and making faces during the competition However, the mother did not succeed: After chatting openly in a TV interview about the Botox injections, which she administered to her daughter before the competition, a storm of indignation broke out…

Fortunately, in the meantime, the mother, who was so concerned about the appearance of her little daughter, has lost custody of the girl. An aesthetic treatment with Botox is not suitable only for children but also has a number of disadvantages for adult women. Instead of rejuvenating, Botox can quickly make you look old.

Botulinum toxin causes paralysis of the treated body areas, so that the communication of emotions is made more difficult and the face appears unnatural and a mask-like. The paralysing effect of Botox is utilized during and after some surgeries to prevent unwanted body movements. Botox also causes a regression of the skin glands; the skin becomes thinner and drier. Other common effects of Botox injections are hardening of the tissue on the treated areas. The short-term tightening effect for Botox is so dearly bought.

New Cosmetic Surgery offers a gentle and effective substitute for symptom treatments with Botox, artificial fillers and the scalpel: Loose skin on the face and body are often based on hormonal imbalances or age-related reduced hormone levels which can be successfully treated by administering bioidentical hormones – these are similar in structure to our human hormones. After only a short time, the skin improves noticeably and the skin looks fresher and firmer.

Besides bioidentical hormones, stem cells from autologous fat of the patient are applied for skin rejuvenation. These stem cells have an impressive regenerative potential, which causes a significant rejuvenation and tightening of the skin. Stem cell-enriched autologous fat is also suitable for long-lasting correction of tissue defects and volume deficiencies. The rejuvenating effect of the stem cell treatment can be imitated to some extent by a therapy with special skin growth factors.

It seems that this time Europe sets the trend in cosmetic surgery: “Botox parties”, as they are known in the U.S., could not prevail here. Most people prefer gentle treatments with natural and subtle results. A look at the countries of origin of my patients shows that many beauty conscious people from abroad have renounced Botox, silicon & Co., in favour of the sustainable and natural therapies of New Cosmetic Surgery.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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