Is beauty a matter for women? What cosmetic surgery can offer men

People have always been trying to preserve their beauty as long as possible with the help of cosmetic treatments. Hence, the faces of many Egyptian mummies look fresh and firm – often even too wrinkle-free for the age of the pharaohs. One might think that it was already known how to help people with Botox in ancient Egypt. Even from later centuries, cosmetic treatments and even operations have been handed down.

Women have not always been the only ones who desired a beautiful, youthful appearance. In some epochs men were considered the “fair sex” and they tried to adapt their bodies to the generally accepted ideal of beauty. This went so far that men powdered their face and wore costly wigs in Mozart’s time. In the absence of appropriate aesthetic techniques and sterile operating conditions, cosmetic procedures were, however, a rare event, as they were associated with a very high risk.

If current statistics are to be believed, the number of men, who take the path to cosmetic surgeons, has significantly increased in recent years. Men, just like women, desire increasingly natural, subtle results – calves or six-pack implants made of silicon are “out.” No one should be able to realise that nature has been given a helping hand with cosmetic surgery. Statements such as “It does not depend on appearance for men” belong at any rate, to the past, according to the figures.

Many of the treatment concepts from the repertoire of the New Cosmetic Surgery are suitable for both women and men alike: Microcannular liposuction, stem cell-enriched autologous fat and bioidentical hormones constitute the basis of a series of effective treatments which help men achieve more beauty and vitality without implanted foreign bodies and scalpel.

Microcannular liposuction is in particularly great demand among men to get rid of annoying, training-resistant fat deposits. Liposuction on the stomach or chest (pseudogynecomastia) can often help. Special and particularly thin face microcannulas are used for double chin liposuction. Due to the careful approach, the patient is fully mobile after surgery and a week of compression on the treated areas is sufficient.

By request the extracted fat can serve as the basis for further aesthetic and regenerative treatments. Thus, tissue defects can be permanently corrected with stem cell-enriched autologous fat. Stem cells from autologous fat are also suitable for skin rejuvenation over the entire body, the face and the hands, and hair growth therapy. In the context of regenerative therapies, the extracted, fat-derived stem cells are returned to the body intravenously or injected directly into the tissue, where they can develop their rejuvenating and regenerating effect.

Many signs of aging of the male body, such as sunken cheeks, are often signs of age-related hormone deficiency, which can be successfully treated by a therapy with bioidentical hormones (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT). As part of Hormonal Regeneration® the reduced hormone levels are aligned with those of young adults. Treatment with bioidentical hormones usually lasts 3 or 6 months. After only a short time, strength, endurance and libido increase and the skin regains firmness and freshness.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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