With radiant skin in the summer

The Bikini season is knocking on the door! Often not only the skin becomes paler during the cold seasons, but also the signs of skin aging emerge more clearly and disturbingly than the year before: the dermal tissue loses tautness and “freshness” and wrinkles become more strongly and durably imprinted. In many cases, an appreciable improvement of the skin appearance can be achieved by means of the effective, gentle treatments of the New Cosmetic Surgery!

The treatments for skin rejuvenation stems from all branches of medicine: besides stem cells taken from the body’s own fat skin growth factors, the liposuction with microcannulas, the fat-away injection, and even therapies with bioidentical hormones are used. This shows once more, that the optimal treatment for a particular cosmetic problem is to be found in the repertoire of all medical branches.

Stem cells taken from the body’s own fat are suitable for sustainable rejuvenation of the skin of the total body as well as the face. Applied as suspension, the stem cells cause a regeneration of the skin and the subcutaneous tissues. Stem cell-enriched natural body fat is ideally appropriate for long-term tenable correction of volume deficits and tissue defects. In the stem cell facelift, wrinkles can be eradicated by virtue of the biological potential of the autologous stem cells.

As a simplified alternative for skin treatment with the body’s own stem cells, a mesotherapy with skin growth factors is offered. With this novel therapy, the rejuvenating effect of the treatment of the natural stem cells can be imitated up to a certain degree, in which skin growth factors can be applied through micro-needles into the skin without any skin injury.

“Holiday Pounds,” which appear to defy the physical training, can be removed by means of a liposuction with microcannulas in a tissue-protective manner. In microcannular liposuction, no visible scar arises as a rule. Excess and troublesome fat can be removed from all body parts, in which fat deposits are situated. Thus, considerable improvements are possible also in the facial area: special, very fine facial microcannulas are suitable for the correction of a double chin.

Therapies with bioidentical hormones render a rejuvenation of the skin appearance possible by up to 15 years. With increasing age, the activity of the hormonal glands sinks down and the hormone level goes down. As a result, the skin relaxes and becomes wrinkled. By supplying bioidentical hormones as part of a tailored Hormonal Regeneration® (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT), the hormone level of a young adult can be reproduced. Within a brief period, the skin quality improves and lost elasticity and volume can be recovered.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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