Bid subcutaneous fat farewell: A gentle approach to attaining a bikini figure

The first flowers are already blossoming and the warmth of the rays of the sun can already be felt: the spring has begun. Time again to show more skin! Whereas one could hide winter subcutaneous fat and problem areas simply under the winter coat, they are in particular often disturbingly discernable in the warmer seasons. The gentle treatments of the Clinic DDr. Heinrich® are a remedy to this specific problem!

The repertoire of the New Cosmetic Surgery propagated by us entails treatments that are gentle for a variety of body contouring needs, be it for getting rid of stubborn subcutaneous fat that defies all removal attempts, or for the optimization of the body’s contours. Common to all of these treatments – from microcannular liposuction up to the body forming with stem cells – is that they do not require a scalpel and thus lead to scar-free results that only necessitate simple and short follow-ups, which in particular constitute a very convincing argument.

Microcannular liposuction is performed by hand with thin, to this end developed and patented cannulas. It allows a particularly gentle suctioning of disturbing subcutaneous fat and a precise modeling of the body silhouette. Smaller pockets of subcutaneous fat as well as superficial cellulite can also be brought to disappear with the help of a Fat-Away Injection and a little patience. Autologous fat, with or without stem cell enrichment, is not only suitable for the sustainable correction of dents and tissue defects, but also for the optimization of various body parts. Benefits of microcannular liposuction and body contouring with stem cells and autologous fat are: the interventions are executed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia, require minimal aftercare (compression only for a few days) and the results are usually of a durable nature!

Caution: Whereas the extracted fat was formerly usually thrown away, there is today the possibility of isolating the entailed stem cells in a complex laboratory procedure, for use in a variety of therapeutic, aesthetic, and regenerative stem cell therapies. This is an important option that should be considered by all patients over 35 or 40. I’ll tell you more about this in a later newsletter, or else even in the course of a personal conversation that we can arrange at any time.

There is also another reason that makes spring the ideal time of the year for the body forming: The intensity of the rays of the sun is not yet so strong and any bruising after liposuction or body contouring with stem cell-assisted lipotransfer can thus disappear in time for the bikini season!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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