Stem cell facelift – the new, scalpel-free royal road to a young face

Do you remember the media hype about Courtney Love’s stem cell facelift? Obviously she denied it, and because a stem cell facelift leaves no scars, we will never really know whether she took this royal road to facial rejuvenation or not.

Exactly how is a facelift with autologous stem cells performed? Well, I’m not going to reveal all of the secrets to you here, but I will let you in on the essentials.

Our faces and bodies age because the biological quality and elasticity of the skin deteriorate and the subcutaneous tissue, the muscles, and all other bodily structures atrophy. We are all familiar with the signs of aging: the skin tissue loses tone and “freshness,” wrinkles become more evident and permanent, etc.

Unlike a normal facelift, in which the flaccid skin is excised to create an artificial firmness, a stem cell facelift is performed solely by injections. We extract the stem cells from fat, which we suction from any problem zone using microcannulas. In contrast to a breast augmentation with stem cells, a relatively small amount of fat is used for a stem cell facelift.

After the stem cells are isolated by means of a special multistep laboratory procedure, they are injected into the facial tissue either in pure form or mixed with an autologous fat matrix according to a special technique. To do so, we use either very fine hypodermic needles or thin cannulas. The injection technique is critical to the success of the procedure and is chosen according to the nature of the aging/flaccidity of the face.

After the procedure, the face will be swollen to varying degrees (depending on the injection technique). It takes a few weeks for the effect to occur. The hands and neckline can also be noticeably rejuvenated with this method. The treatments can be combined, for instance, with a facial liposculpture. In this procedure, the fat pads in the cheek or neck and chin zone (e.g., double chin) are reshaped by liposuction using special facial microcannulas.

The stem cell facelift brings about a noticeable rejuvenation and toning of your face, without leaving scars. You decide whether to tell your girlfriends that you took the royal road to fantastic looks, or whether you – like Courtney Love – wish to keep it a secret, as is indeed the right of every woman.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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