Courtney Love’s Stem Cell Facelift

Currently, the media reports about the U.S. singer Courtney Love (46) whose face suddenly appeared to be about 10 years younger. It is rumored that she has undergone a stem cell facelift, which uses the body’s own stem cells obtained from autologous fat. While the surveyed surgeons in the United States are just making their first steps utilizing stem cell technology for this application, we in our Clinic DDr. Heinrich have for more than three years been successfully performing to a broad public facelifts without scalpels and breast augmentations using stem cell enriched autologous fat.

For some years now, research has been carried out concerning the biological potential of viable cells such as stem cells and progenitor cells, which are included in each person’s own fat. Based on these findings, we decided early in 2007 to start performing treatments utilizing the body’s own stem cells. The positive results for facelifts and breast augmentations utilizing stem cells has confirmed our beliefs that stem cells rejuvenate the tissue into which they are injected and stem cell enriched autologous fat forms natural living tissue, the majority of which is retained for a long period.

Conventional treatments using the patient’s own fat sucked off from one body part and then injected “untreated” into the face, have been around for decades. However, occasional boosters are necessary because over time much of this fat is broken down again by the body. It also lacks the spectacular rejuvenating effect obtained via stem cell treatments. Surgical facelifts with a scalpel or injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid, which some doctors use for facial “rejuvenation” often lead to unnatural looking results, as well as having a number of other disadvantages. In contrast, the stem cell facelift is convincing by its natural character and durability of the result, as well as by the local rejuvenating effect.

Of crucial importance for the success of interventions utilizing autologous stem cells is the experience in dealing with the collection of autologous fat, its preparation and its implantation in to the treatment region. Over the years, I and my team were able to refine existing treatment techniques to optimize the results and patient tolerance. More and more patients like Courtney Love now benefit from this treatment. In the Clinic DDr. Heinrich, patients are not only in very experienced and competent hands, but they can also combine the treatment with a stay in beautiful Vienna. That’s really wonderful – what do you think about that idea?

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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