Sex and Berlusconi…

During a recent presentation, a very well-known politician in Austria asked me if I would perform the same kind of rejuvenations that Italian prime minister Berlusconi and the entrepreneur Stronach had evidently undergone. Whether Hormonal Regeneration® could make you feel and look like a 30-year-old again.

Among other things, Mr. Berlusconi is remarkable because he has 18-year-old girlfriends. But in genuine old-fashioned Italian macho style, he does not limit himself to teenagers, but is also a great admirer of beautiful women between the ages of 30 and 50. His numerous affairs have inspired much juicy gossip, and not just in Italy. Countless persons have undoubtly asked themselves how a man over 70 manages to keep it up. After all, libido is usually the first thing to go as the body ages and the endocrine glands grow weaker.

Our sexual vitality and potency are dependent on the performance of our endocrine glands. When this declines, the first signs are a drop in sexual performance, followed by dwindling tissue resiliency and increasing skin and connective tissue atonicity; in short the very signs of aging that make us appear less attractive sexually. But if we supplement the lacking hormones through Hormonal Regeneration®, not only do we soon begin to look younger, but our vitality and potency increase as well. Our appeal to the opposite sex likewise increases noticeably, as not only our appearance but also our body odor regains its sexual appeal due to the hormonal by-products secreted in sweat.

Gonadotropins, DHEA, and testosterone in men and estrogen in women are the sexual pick-me-ups. However, they also interact with other hormones. Hence if optimum results are desired, a radical sexual regeneration demands the administration of numerous other bioidentical hormones. Obviously a proper nutrition rich in high-quality protein is also important.

We can definitely assume that Mr. Berlusconi regenerates himself with Hormonal Regeneration® in order to keep up his physically demanding lifestyle without suffering massive burnout and exhaustion. Hence he is not only able to enjoy the love life of a 30-year-old, but is also better able to withstand the constant assaults of public prosecutors who have no sense of humor as well as the divorce war with his wife, who has no tolerance for his escapades.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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