Amy Winehouse and her “implant rupture”

The media recently reported that vocalist Amy Winehouse suffered a breast implant rupture. A while ago she had had her breasts augmented with implants on a whim, and generated a great deal of media attention. Apparently she required another operation to replace the defective implant! But thanks to breast augmentation with autologous stem cells, “implant ruptures” and the “implant replacements” every few years associated with silicone implants are a thing of the past: Along with a natural appearance, what distinguishes breasts augmented with autologous stem cells is that they are “maintenance free”!

Along with the relatively rare rupture of a silicone implant, there are numerous other, much more common negative effects of artificial breast implants: Many women with silicone implants complain of pain while swimming or showering with cold water for years. So-called capsular fibrosis impairs the visual result and cause problems. With silicone breast augmentation, after a few years the breast stretches because of the implant and begins to sag, making an implant replacement necessary. This usually involves emplacement of larger implants in order to make the breast appear firmer. Many cases ultimately require a surgical breast tightening. Hence many stars in recent years have simply had their implants removed. But how can the volume be restored?

With autologous stem cells! Breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat is a prime example of the substitution of minimally invasive surgical interventions under local anesthesia for plastic surgery. In early 2007, we used this revolutionary method in my Clinic DDr. Heinrich in Vienna for the first time in Europe. In this procedure, autologous fat is first extracted from the patient’s body using microcannular liposuction. Next this fat is enriched with autologous stem cells in a laboratory process and injected into the breast using fine hypodermic needles. Living, autologous tissue develops from the stem cells. Breasts thus augmented look as well as feel completely “genuine” in any position. They age completely naturally with the body.

Because autologous stem cells exert a local rejuvenating effect, another area of application in cosmetic medicine is the scalpel-free facelift, in which stems cell are injected in the face and neck region. The result is a long-lasting, natural and up to 15 years younger looking face. Another important area of application for stem cells looming on the horizon is the treatment of hair loss, which could soon make hair transplants superfluous.

Thanks to cosmetic interventions with stem cells, in many cases silicone, scalpels, and liftings are no longer necessary in breast and facial surgery. I believe that cosmetic medicine already has the means at hand to treat many physical beauty problems successfully, sustainably, and naturally with stem cell-enriched autologous fat.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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