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Liposuction or Facelift in the Face?

A patient with undesired facial fat pads writes us: I am interested in a liposuction in the face, especially on my cheeks and chin. I am 55 years old and my skin still looks relatively elastic. I don’t want to make a facelift. A facelift would in have a completely different indication than a liposuction […]

Kim Basinger: Too many Beauty Surgeries?

Kim is known from films like 9½ Weeks, L.A. Confidential or Final Analysis – after her career as model the US actress made her final breakthrough 1983 side by side with Sean Connery in the movie Never Say Never Again. The film was a remake of Thunderball, almost of the same plot. The Bond Girl, […]

The Age of Adaline – Forever Young?

In the legendary “Golden Ages” people did not mature, but spent their very long lives as vital adults, hardly scarred by life, such as through graying hair, from which there was even then not yet an escape. At this legendary time Kronos, Zeus’ father, was yet ruling over gods and mortals, this is what the […]

Are We as Old as We Feel? Biological versus Chronological Aging

“How old are you, may I ask?” – “Well, have a guess!” – We all have once already found ourselves in such a difficult, often slightly uncomfortable situation. Indeed people seem to age at a different speed, so that the chronological age – defined as the lifetime starting on the date of birth – is […]

Thinning Hair in Women: Can Stem Cells Help?

A patient who suffers from thinning hair writes us: I live in Berlin and I am very interested in a treatment of hair. I have thin hair on my middle parting for years. Partially you can see the scalp. What is the course of treatment and how many sessions are necessary? We now suppose the […]

Medea and Rejuvenation through Fresh Blood

The Argonaut Saga tells that the Greek hero Jason heads out at king Pelias behest together with his fellow campaigners, among them Heracles, across the Black Sea to the country Colchis (today Bulgaria) to rob the Golden Fleece there. In Colchis Jason falls in love with the king’s daughter Medea, with whose magic help he […]

Are We in Fact as Old as We Look?

Most of us think we are as old as we feel, but now there is evidence to say otherwise. We might be biologically as old as we look! A recent study published in Cell Research analyzed over 300 faces of individuals ranging from 17 to 77 years of age to identify distinctive facial characteristics that […]

Renée Zellweger: New Face for Bridget Jones

In 2001 the American actress Renée Zellweger won the audience’s hearts as Bridget Jones: In keeping with the title Bridget Jones’s Diary the then 32-year-old presented herself plump, clumsy, and awkward with chubby cheeks, which she put on for her role to appear authentic. The actress needed less than one month to lose those superfluous […]

Skin Regeneration: “Cosmetics from the Inside Out” Instead of Fillers

DDr. Heinrich, MD gave an interview to Neuen Zürcher Zeitung recently about skin regeneration with artificial fillers. Here the entire interview: Dear DDr. Heinrich, MD, on your blog you write that you are taking no stock in fillers. Why not? Artificial fillers are mostly used for wrinkle treatments. Wrinkles are a symptom that means that the skin […]

Bruce Jenner: From Olympic Champion to Woman

Bruce Jenner’s visible changes keep media on the go already for a long time. It was rumored, it was denied. Now the secret is out: The Olympic champion of 1976 turns into a woman. In front of the camera the former track athlete confessed his transsexuality, which accompanied him throughout his whole life but which […]

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