Testimonials about Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Since I was so unhappy with my silicone breast implants that I had for a long time, I had them explanted and after that, there was hardly any breast tissue left. I was so desperate that I decided to look for an alternative.

Fortunately, I found DDr. Heinrich on the Internet who kindly replied very well to all of my questions that I had asked by e-mail or over the phone, so that I finally entrusted myself into his experienced hands.

It was intended to perform a breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat.

At the day of the preliminary talk, I was I filled with anticipation. In the morning of the day of surgery, I was very excited and therefore, I was very pleased that the nice surgery team was able to encourage me very well, lovingly took care of me and was very attentive.

The surgery itself certainly was not a walk in the park, but on the other hand, I also did not suffer any pain. In addition, everyone was so nice to me and that also plays an important role, if you have to undergo a surgery without general anesthesia.

After the surgery they continued to care for me and I was even contacted by phone and asked how I was doing, so that really put my mind at rest.

The surgery took place last year and I am satisfied with the natural result. I have no discomfort, foreign body sensation or the like.

The counseling sessions with DDr. Heinrich prior to surgery ensured me of being aware of all relevant information. This has given me confidence and supported me in my intention.

DDr. Heinrich has taken care of all my concerns in a very detailed manner and was anxiously trying to answer all of my questions occurred in every detail in order to eliminate all of my uncertainties.

Simply the fact of coming to the clinic in the morning and being able to go back home the very same day, removes nervousness and provides security. It also feels comforting to remain fully awake during the entire surgical procedure and to be able to talk with DDr. Heinrich about your own well-being.

Professional competence and his ability to empathize give a feeling of trust. The gentle and natural method being used by DDr. Heinrich, have been the decisive factors for me to choose Clinic DDr. Heinrich®.

Right before the surgery, I was cordially received by the surgical nurse who took excellent care of me throughout the entire procedure. In order to reduce my initial anxiety that commonly occurs when undergoing surgery, she and her entire surgical team have tried, especially before and during surgery, to create a pleasant atmosphere through conversations. I can only emphasize that they succeeded very well in doing so and I would like to pay tribute to the whole surgical team.

I felt pains for a few days after the surgery, but they disappeared quickly. Now, one month after surgery, all hematomas and swellings are no longer noticeable and the final result is apparent.

I am totally satisfied with the surgical outcome. It absolutely meets my expectations. Everything looks completely natural and my body’s silhouette retains its natural shape.

It is my great pleasure to recommend DDr. Heinrich, since he not only demonstrates professional competence, but also human empathy.

— Mrs. P.