Testimonials about Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

I had my surgery in May. Everything was explained to me very well. I got an appointment easily without a long waiting time. The surgery went quickly, the pain afterwards was little and the team was a great support. The result is beautiful. I thank you very much and would highly recommend it! Thank you!

I went to DDr. Heinrich. My breasts turned out fantastic. Although I am not fat, he was still able to liposuction a lot of fat from me. There was 400 ml for each breast. I am very pleased. The operation day was indeed tiring, but nevertheless bearable as far as pain was concerned. Most of the liposuction prick sites were no longer visible after a few days. At the liposuction sites it felt like having sore muscles; my breasts were tight in the beginning but otherwise there weren’t any problems or pain. I would recommend him.

It’s been 3 months and I’m very pleased. It is very natural, not like implants, which always stick up, even when you’re lying down. I didn’t want that; these are still my breasts, just larger. After the operation your breasts will still be swollen, therefore you must imagine that in the end result, a third of the size will be gone. I realize that doesn’t help you too much before the operation. In other words what remains will be at least one cup size larger, but it also depends on how much fat can be obtained by liposuction.

— Mia

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is also an option. First of all, fat is liposuctioned from suitable areas of your body, then it is processed and injected in your breasts. It looks natural, you don’t need to be put under, and there is no incision and hence no scars either. There is a doctor in Vienna, and I went to him. He is terrific, his name is DDr. Heinrich. Check out his website. — Mechtild

Surgeon in Vienna – DDr. Heinrich for sure. In the first district. I went to him for a breast augmentation with stem cells. It really is a great method. No foreign objects in my breasts. Only autologous stem cells. The operation only takes a few hours, can be done in a day, and the post-op care truly is minimal, with no side effects later on. The breasts look very natural. After the operation, all of my problems and troubles were gone. The clinic staff are very nice and kind. Everything is really state of the art. The doctor too is fantastic. He is very conscientious. I really like it when doctors work in this fashion. That’s as it should be.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

— lopez246

Implants?! No way. Breast augmentation with stem cells. 🙂 For sure!!!!

Outstanding results are achieved. The breasts look very natural; no artificial tissue is used. The operation doesn’t take very long, ca. 4–6 hours, and requires minimal post-op care. I had it done by Dr. Heinrich of Vienna and I am very, very, very pleased. I have no complaints. My breasts look super.

Any operation of this kind leaves bruises, but they don’t last long. The doctor uses either microcannulas or standard cannulas to extract the fat. If you want a better result, and want it to look good sooner, then you should definitely go with microcannulas. At any rate, I am more than satisfied. For a speedy recovery without complications, you simply need to do everything that the nurses in the clinic tell you to do. Other than that, there are no side effects or anything like that.

I did have a little bit of bruising, but that’s normal. Pain is an individual thing.

If you are unsure whether you have enough fat, you must either come for a preliminary consultation or simply e-mail the doctor some photos so that he can get an idea whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. Otherwise you do not need to worry, it is really very natural and ultra high tech. :))))) I understand that it is a difficult decision, but this doctor really does an excellent job and the results are truly outstanding. 🙂

— Rebeca