Testimonials about Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

In my life there have always been times when I was not happy with my small breasts (smaller than size A) and wished I had a more feminine figure. Gaining weight was no help, because the fat always went to my hips and thighs, which in my opinion were filled out enough anyway.

But at the same time I knew that using implants to improve my bust line was out of the question for me; the idea of having foreign objects in my body for the rest of my life had always repulsed me.

I had heard about breast augmentation with autologous fat, but these operations only seemed to give fair results, as only a fraction of the transferred fat remained over the long term.

But my interest was piqued when I read about DDr. Heinrich’s novel method online, in which the concentration of stem cells in the extracted fat is augmented before this autologous fat is injected in the breasts.

The procedures of this type of operation, including the fact that the doctor wouldn’t know how much fat tissue he could actually suction from the deposits in my body until the procedure was underway, was explained to me in a detailed conversation. Hence an exact prediction regarding breast size after the procedure is impossible, unlike with an implant.

Even though I am quite thin, luckily it turned out that enough fat could be liposuctioned from my hips and the insides and backs of my thighs so that I now (ca. 2 months after the procedure) have truly beautiful, very youthful cup size B breasts.

I’d like to say the following about the procedure itself:

Obviously an operation like this is no trivial matter, and you must be physically and mentally prepared for the procedure.

A woman should be honest with herself and ask herself exactly what she hopes to achieve with larger breasts. New breasts will only bring her pleasure and satisfaction if she is doing it for herself and not for her partner/men, and if she has patiently come to terms with her self-esteem and mental patterns beforehand, so that the operation will be a beautiful gift to herself rather than a desperate attempt to fulfill some need, whatever it may be!

I personally made up my mind very quickly after the conversation with the doctor, and after the standard examinations (blood work, breast sonograms, etc.) I was good to go:

I was very excited as well as nervous on the day of the operation: Would everything go OK? Would it hurt? All I could do was have faith in DDr. Heinrich’s experience and medical skills…

The very nice and professional surgery team also did a lot to set my mind at ease! I felt that I was getting the absolute best loving care possible. Even though the operation day lasted from morning to afternoon, there was always somebody by my side, I was never alone, not even during the waiting stages between the various steps of the process, and all procedures were explained to me.

The procedure started with the marking, disinfection, and subsequent local anesthetizing of the liposuction zones. I also received an intravenously-administered pain killer in the crook of my arm.

This so-called infiltration took a lot of time, but it wasn’t so bad. I had thought it would have been a lot worse.

Next came the actual liposuction. Like going to the dentist, it obviously wasn’t exactly pleasant in spite of the local anesthesia, because obviously you feel the cannula as it is being moved through the tissue, plus there are certain spots that are more sensitive than others and where you briefly experience pain.

But all and all it is quite bearable and while the suctioned fat cells were being processed, which takes an additional one to two hours, I was able to rest and even sleep some, as the pain killers make you feel a little tired…

Once everything is ready, the breasts are also numbed with a local anesthetic.
After that the autologous fat was uniformly injected into my breasts astonishingly fast. With that the procedure was finished.

Afterwards it’s good to lie down and relax until the effect of the anesthetic passes somewhat. Thick bandages were applied to my hips and thighs, and I was given a sports bra to wear.

For sensitive people like me the circulation may be affected. I was dizzy and waited until I felt well enough to take a taxi home.

I can only suggest to any woman that she takes a few days vacation after the procedure, like I did.

It helps to take care of oneself and take it easy the first few days after the operation. Your breasts will still be very swollen and sensitive, the liposuctioned zones will still ooze and hurt like a very powerful muscle cramp. Nevertheless it is important to start walking a little bit and moving about soon, but slowly.

Even after the procedure, DDr. Heinrich’s team can be reached by phone at any time for questions.

Each day the healing process progressed, and the bruises disappeared within a month. The swelling in my breasts also slowly went down and after ca. 4 to 6 weeks the final result is amazing.

I went back to the clinic for checkups to have my breasts and the liposuctioned zones examined again.

I am very happy with the way I look now. I feel absolutely natural with my new breasts, and they also look like they were never any other way. In shape and size they match me perfectly!

— K. B., 43