Testimonials about Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Great team!!! I felt very comfortable and well cared for. This was the first surgery in my life and I would decide to have it performed again!!! — Mrs. Z.

I would like to tell you that I was completely satisfied with the care given before, during and after the surgery.

All the staff was very friendly and obliging. As a patient, I felt very well cared for throughout the treatment. I highly recommend the clinic.

Thank you so much – I have only the highest praise for the whole team!

Hi everyone! I feel compelled to share my experience with Dr. Heinrich from the most beautiful city in Europe, Vienna. I read many of his testimonies and they were all positive. I had a consultation with him recently and felt really good during my entire visit. The environment was cozy and the waiting room wasn’t overly crowded. After entering, one of his assistants greeted me and showed me in. I was then shown some samples and photos of his work and afterwards, I was politely asked to undress in preparation for the examination and consultation. Dr. Heinrich then entered and introduced himself and then examined my breasts and made his recommendations. I told him that I had some concerns about using silicone implants and he smiled kindly and replied that I had come to the right place. He explained about his very natural method using one’s own fatty tissue and stem cells and then told me everything I wanted to know about breast augmentation without silicon by stem-cell-assisted lipotransfer. I found what he proposed to be really appealing – precise work without the use of machinery, no scars would be left and easy recovery period. I was enthusiastic about my first visit and felt like he took time to answer all my questions. I left feeling really good and hope that your first consultation will be as positive as mine was! — TinaS

I went to Dr. Heinrich and I am very satisfied with the results. The difference from normal fat injections is that stem cell-enriched fat is not metabolized and thus remains intact. How much fat is injected depends on how much can be obtained by liposuction.

The liposuctions performed by DDr. Heinrich are very gentle and effective. He works manually, with microcannulas. In other words not with one of those suctioning devices and thick cannulas.

Furthermore, you are only given local anesthesia and not general anesthesia; hence he is able to perform liposuction while you are standing. He is thus able to shape things better and see the result better than if you were only lying down.

You also only need to wear the compression underwear for a total of 8 days, which I felt was very pleasant. Rather than for 2 months as is the case with traditional liposuction methods.

He also does not cut with a scalpel, hence everything heals faster. Like I said, I am thrilled.

I would like to describe my experiences to you and answer a few questions about breast augmentation at Clinic DDr. Heinrich. Under no circumstances may you play sports for 3 weeks after the breast augmentation, and during this time you also may not lift more than 3–4 kg. Swimming pools, saunas, and solariums are also taboo for these 3 weeks. What it felt like after the liposuction was another question. I would say that it felt like a charlie horse, and the sites are very sensitive for the first week. Obviously you also get bruises and there is swelling. I hope I was able to help.

— Margarete

Hi, I underwent a breast augmentation with autologous fat at Clinic DDr. Heinrich.

He is able to do this in 2 days. For example, you can go in for your first consultation appointment on one day and then have your operation on the following day, early in the morning. The operation only takes a few hours; I think it was four but I can’t remember. And afterwards you can go home, but obviously you cannot drive yourself. The stem cells are extracted from areas richest in fat in your own body, such as your thighs, hips, buttocks, belly, or wherever, and then injected in your breasts. It really is a good method, as almost no, well, minimal post-operative care is required and your breasts really do look super natural.

I have heard so many stories about implants and silicone, and frankly I think that it is plain crazy. But nothing can happen to you if you make sure to discuss everything with the doctor and follow his instructions. They recommend not lifting more than 4 kg for 3 weeks after the operation in order to avoid the risk of hemorrhages. However, I think I waited even longer before I lifted anything, just to be absolutely safe. In addition, I think you wear a sports bra for 2 weeks. Hm, there was something else, yes, you must also wear compression underwear where the fat was liposuctioned. Oh well, at any rate I recommend Dr. Heinrich to you. I had him operate on me and it was really worth it. I mean, I got truly natural-looking breasts, with no complications afterwards. I am very glad I took this step. The ordination clinic staff are also very, very nice and kind, as is of course the doctor himself.

— Lopez