Testimonials about Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

iam jana k.

iam a nurse.

my weight before the augmentation was 56 kilogram and after it is 55kg.

i made the surgery in the summer.

i the stem cell proceeding is with less complications and it looks more natural.

iam happy with the results.

my breast is now one size bigger.


iam young 26 years old—so in the next time i dont wanna make another aesthetic proceeding but maybe in one time.

my size was 75B and now it is 80B or 75C.

i hope i could help you for your decision.

jana k.

You may have heard about breast augmentation with autologous fat. Excess fat is liposuctioned from you and injected in your breasts. For example, I know a doctor in Vienna who specializes in this field. Dr. Heinrich has been working with this method for a very long time and I can truly say that this means professionalism.

DDr. Heinrich in Vienna is the only doctor that I know of who is familiar with and well-versed in this method of breast enlargement. I went to him for liposuction; he is really good. Take a look at his website and if you are interested, ask him for a consultation. — Martha

I was very happy with both the care during the procedure and the follow-up counseling over the telephone. Everything was explained to me very well and my at times repetitive questions were answered patiently. I was also escorted to the taxi. I was satisfied in every way! — Mrs. K.

First of all THANK YOU for the nice and competent support. The entire team was incredibly nice and helpful and I really felt very pampered 🙂 :-).

I am VERY thankful for the surgery and for everything that was done for me. I would especially like to thank Dr. Heinrich, who is always working at the best for his patients and is giving them the feeling that everything will be classy.

One really feels in good hands in your office.