Testimonials about Regenerative Therapies

I suffered from joint problems for 8 years. My knees hurt when I stood and walked. As a result, I could not do any sports and was limited when standing and running. Unfortunately, physiotherapy did not lead to an improvement. Then DDr. Heinrich transplanted stem cells from my own fat to the damaged knee. The small procedure was carried out on an outpatient basis. Since then, a lot has changed: After almost 2 months, the pain disappeared to an extent that I am now able stand and walk without pain. I am very satisfied and would do the surgery again. My recommendation.

— Mrs. K., 55

I suffered from knee pain for 3 years after meniscus surgery. Unfortunately I had to stop Nordic Walking because of the pain. Physiotherapy has not changed anything for the better. Every day I needed help in the household and when shopping. I immediately felt in good hands in the Clinic DDr. Heinrich®. About a month after the procedure during which my fat stem cells were transplanted to my damaged joints, I noticed a significant relief of my pain. In the meantime, my condition has improved further. I especially notice the positive change when walking. Many thanks to DDr. Heinrich and his team!

— Mrs. Sch., 65

My joint problems started with two surgeries a few years ago. As a result, I could not bend my joint as before. Kneeling did not work either. This limited me in playing football. Since I suffered a lot from the joint pain I decided to undergo a stem cell treatment at the Viennese doctor DDr. Heinrich. A few weeks after surgery, I did not have pain any more and I was able to fully bend my joint. At the moment I have am free of pain and can easily kneel on the floor. My plan for the future: To do sports again. I am very thankful for this second chance.

— Jochen M., 25

For at least 15 years I suffered from problems with my knees. I had knee pain when climbing stairs, walking, kneeling, and getting up. In the end, the pain was so bad that I had to stop Nordic Walking. I was also limited in the housework tasks. Physiotherapy unfortunately only gave me a short relief, some time later it got worse again. I was lucky that my children supported me. DDr. Heinrich and his team treated me in a very friendly and diligent way. After 3 weeks I already felt much less pain. The first time I clearly noticed the improvement was when I was able to complete a one-hour sightseeing tour completely without experiencing any pain. I am very happy that, thanks to the treatment, I can walk again and no longer need the help of others.

— Johanna H.

For two years my knees hurt. I was in pain when walking and doing sports. As a consequence I was unable to walk longer distances. I already knew DDr. Heinrich from a successful treatment 20 years ago and I consulted him with my problem. DDr. Heinrich treated my aching knees with my own stem cells, which he separated from body fat. Since the procedure I do not have pain in my joints any more. Even under stress I am free of pain and I can fully bend the knees. I would definitely choose stem cell treatment again if I were in the same situation. DDr. Heinrich and his team enjoy my fullest confidence and I have also recommended the clinic to my friends. I am looking forward to a future full of sport and fun.

— Sabine H., Vienna

20 years ago I noticed pain in my left knee for the first time. The pain was increasing day by day until a level where I could barely flex my knee. At some point I was only able to manage very short walking distances. Due to the pain I sadly had to reduce my sports activities.

When looking for treatment options for my knee joint I honestly tried out any method that was supposed to relieve my pain. But unfortunately none of them helped me well. Then by chance I read about DDr. Heinrich and his new treatment method with fat stem cells. After detailed consultation with DDr. Heinrich I decided to have stem cell therapy on my knee joint in his clinic. The doctor and his pleasant team always stood by my side.

After the treatment there was a slow but steady improvement in my knee pain. I noticed that especially when walking and cycling. Today, it is possible for me to fully flex my knee. I can again pursue all leisure activities and am now looking forward in particular to my upcoming travel plans.

— Dietmar R., Vienna

About one and a half years ago I suddenly got problems with my left knee joint. In the beginning I just had a slight stinging sensation in the knee. But then everything got worse and worse. In the end, I suffered from severe knee pain and I could barely descend stairs. I also had to refrain from my beloved gardening activity because of the pain. I then underwent injection therapy, which only led to insufficient pain relief. Fortunately I saw a television report about a stem cell therapy carried out by DDr. Heinrich. I read more about this treatment on the Internet and contacted his clinic. After extensive information by DDr. Heinrich and his very friendly team I decided to undergo the stem cell treatment for my knee joint. After the treatment I had to be patient for several weeks, but then the effect became apparent: My knee pain disappeared almost completely. Most of all I am glad that I can finally go for a walk without any pain again. I am sure many people could benefit from a stem cell treatment in the Clinic DDr. Heinrich®.

— Anna L., Vienna

About three years ago I felt pain in the inguinal area for the first time. I noticed the pain especially when lying on the side and turning around in lying position. However, the most unpleasant situations I remember were getting out of the bathtub and getting up from the chair. I was afraid I would never be able to pursue my hobbies such as walking, hiking, and swimming again. In my job I was forced to sit down during work. Long standing or walking caused enormous pain in my hip joints.

I tried to relieve my pain by undergoing several infiltration treatments. After two to three days, however, the pain came back again and again. Luckily, a few months ago I read an article about DDr. Heinrich and his stem cell therapy in patients with joint problems. After a detailed consultation in his clinic in Vienna, I decided to have the therapy performed on my hip joints.

Today I am very happy about the result. The pain in my hips has almost completely disappeared! I can finally have long walks again and I don’t even remember the last time when movements out of a stooping position have been that easy for me. I can highly recommend Clinic DDr. Heinrich® to anyone suffering from joint problems. I also like remembering the excellent and pleasant care by the whole team. Now I am happily looking forward to my retirement. I am sure I will be able to make long and pain-free journeys and hikes.

— Ingrid M., Vienna

My joint problems in both shoulders, knees, and feet started about 10 years ago. I had problems especially when walking longer distances and climbing stairs. From a professional point of view, I found it increasingly difficult to stand in front of school classes and lecture halls. I even had to restrict my leisure activities such as gardening and gymnastics. Eventually, when I started to fall sporadically because of my limited mobility and joint pain, I knew I had to do something about it. Balance exercises for my joints did not bring the desired improvement.

Then I read about DDr. Heinrich and his therapy with fat stem cells. After extremely friendly, informative, competent, and calming information about the therapy I agreed into treatment of all sore joints by DDr. Heinrich and his team. Today I am grateful that I decided to undergo the procedure. After the procedure, the pain eased in all joints. The mobility and safety on foot have increased. Finally I can go for walk again safely and I am able to do my important gym exercises. I need less help with errands by other people. As a pensioner, I am now more confident about my travel plans. My recommendation for DDr. Heinrich and his team!

— Mag. Markus Sch.

The pain in my left knee started about 5 years ago. I first noticed pain while walking. Finally, I even had pain during the night. I just did not want to go for a walk anymore. Unfortunately, I could not help my son with the work in the restaurant anymore, because it was a job where I had to stand. I was taking a cure and received injections into the knee. Later, I tried out therapy with my own blood. It helped, but after some time the pain returned. Then I read about DDr. Heinrich and his stem cell therapy in the newspaper. After the first consultation in his clinic in Vienna I decided to get the treatment. It has taken some time for the pain to decline. After three months everything was much better. As I will soon be 80 years old, I am very happy I can walk well again. I would recommend the treatment to anyone who suffers from knee problems. I am very satisfied with DDr. Heinrich and his team. Everyone was very lovely and kind to me. I would like to do a few more little trips in the upcoming years. — Karoline R.

Since the diagnosis “osteoarthritis” in 2016 I had knee pain when climbing stairs, walking, and at night.

Physiotherapy and injections into the knee didn’t offer a lasting relief for my pain. Thus I looked for an alternative. Through DDr. Heinrich and his team I got aware of stem cell therapy and had my knee treated with this new therapy.

Soon after the treatment, my knee pain had improved until finally I could walk without any pain. I am very grateful to DDr. Heinrich and his team and wish that I remain free of pain.

— Mrs. K., Styria

I first noticed joint pain in my knees several years ago. I felt the pain especially when climbing stairs. Furthermore I had to give up cycling in my free time gradually. First I tried medical gymnastics for my knee, but it didn’t help much. Through the media I read about the stem cell therapy of Vienna-based doctor DDr. Heinrich. My knee pain declined completely aready one week after the surgery and has not come back since. I am very happy about the success of the treatment and about the fact that I can go cycling and mountain hiking again in the warm season. — Josef S.

Due to osteoarthritis in both of my knees I decided to get the stem cell treatment in the clinic of DDr. Heinrich. Now, three months after having received the therapy, I can walk better and I feel more stable with my knees.

Since the treatment I supportively have been taking Joint Fit by DDr. Heinrich® for my knees, which is a nutritional supplement with chondroitin sulfate. I am happy with this result.

I do have a fitness coach now who helps me to reinforce the muscles of my legs. Also, I started doing Pilates and spinning again. I am very thankful to DDr. Heinrich and his team for the stem cell treatment.

— Mrs. de L., Belgium

In 2012 my knees started to hurt. Especially when walking I felt restricted. But even at night I could not sleep well due to the pain. Then I read about DDr. Heinrich and his therapy with fat stem cells in the newspaper.

The surgery was carried out without any complications and I felt very well cared for by DDr. Heinrich and his team. 8 days after the procedure I noticed an improvement of my knee problems.

Today I am free of pain when walking and driving and I can finally sleep again peacefully. In addition, I have new power to pursue my passion: Strolling down flea markets and to actively run my own booth again.

— Mrs. F., Burgenland

For about 10 years I was struggling with my knee problems. Despite several meniscus surgeries, the swelling and the pain in my knee have steadily increased in the past few years. I could not walk much anymore. Long-distance hiking or horseback riding caused me problems as well.

Later on I coincidentally read an article in a newspaper about DDr. Heinrich and the treatment of joint problems with body’s own stem cells. The care provided by his team was excellent and the small procedure on the knee went very well.

After 2 to 3 weeks I noticed first improvements: The pain declined – this was especially apparent when flexing the knee. All movements in my everyday life are now possible again as long as I am not overdoing them. I almost cannot believe that I can climb stairs again without any pain. I am very happy to finally be able to be active again and I am looking forward to upcoming hiking and horseback riding tours.

— Eva B., Vienna

Three years ago the problems in my knee joint started and recently got worse and worse. Climbing stairs was very difficult and I had to restrict my hiking tours in the nature. Thanks to a treatment of my knee with body’s own fat stem cells in the clinic of DDr. Heinrich I do feel much better now. I can climb stairs again without any pain and I can manage to walk longer distances – without painkillers.

— Mrs. F., Vienna

For about 8 years I was struggling with pain in my knees. Sitting for long periods of time was no longer possible and I had to restrict my beloved hiking tours in the mountains. Since physical therapy and exercise did not lead to singificant relief of my symptoms, I decided to see DDr. Heinrich. After a treatment of my knee joints with body’s own fat stem cells, I’m finally much more flexible today. I can climb stairs again without any pain and I am able to go hiking in the nature.

— Mrs. F., Carinthia

Since childhood I had to deal with knee and hip joint problems due to a skiing accident. There were periodic joint inflammations and fell regularly. Over the last few years it became more difficult to include long-distance hiking, mountain climbing, and skiing in my spare time activities.

Since joint injections from the orthopedist turned out to be effective for a short time only, I decided to see DDr. Heinrich. I read about him and his stem cell therapy for patients with joint problems in the newspaper.

In my case the procedure was really worth it. My joint problems have slowly improved week by week. I especially noticed that when walking. Today I have much less pain in every situation. Now I am looking forward to swimming, cycling, as well as hiking and traveling.

— Mr. Sch., Vienna

I suffered from knee pain since 2017. It all started with pain at night, which became so unbearable, that I could not fall asleep anymore. Later on I had severe pain after walking long distances. I had to say goodbye to hiking and cycling. Also, I was not able to do household chores anymore as I used to.

I have received electrotherapies and massages several times, applied quark poultices and moor mud to my knees and did special exercises. But all of that, as well as direct injections into my knee joints, did not lead any longer-term improvement in my symptoms.

Then I read about the stem cell therapy of DDr. Heinrich in the newspaper. After having been informed in detail about the procedure during my appointment at his clinic, I decided to get my knees joints treated with this method. The care provided by him and his team before, during, and after the treatment was really outstanding.

It took around two months for me to notice an effect of the therapy. But then I was able to manage longer walking distances, to restart hiking and cycling and most importantly: to sleep! Finally I can enjoy my retirement again. My recommendation for the stem cell therapy of DDr. Heinrich!

— Gabriele S.