Testimonials about Regenerative Therapies

I am 35 years old and mother of two children. Several years ago, my doctors discovered that I had celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Year after year, I got new diagnoses: Kidney acidosis, scleroderma with Raynaud syndrome, and Sjögren syndrome. I spent a lot of time in the hospital where I had to undergo many examinations and I was given different medications. Unfortunately, no significant improvement occurred.

I was already very weak and exhausted, but over the years I learned more about my illness and found out what was best for me. During my research I came across the body’s own stem cells. Their wide range of applications impressed me, so I wanted to know more and gained new hope. I decided to have a consultation about stem cell therapy and had a good feeling afterwards.

The procedure took place as expected and I was pleased about the professional care by the doctor and his team. Faster than hoped I felt the first positive changes. It was very pleasant to wake up in the morning without pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles. In the past I was not even able to reach such a good state after an hour of stretching.

I still get treated for my various illnesses and visit the hospital for follow-up appointments. The doctors are impressed by the improvement that has occurred. No one would have expected the inflammation of the skin and joints to decline after so many years. Now we can even reduce my medication dose. I am very happy that my wish for more health and better quality of life has been fulfilled.

Finally, I would like to say that medication is not everything. Sometimes one should resort to more unconventional procedures. I want to thank you with all my heart. During the treatment, I have always felt comfortable and very well taken care of. The success was a sign for me to live my life more consciously. Since then I appreciate every day that I can start without pain.

— Jana B., 35

At the age of 46 I suffered a stroke. My sense of balance was so severely impaired that I could not even sit in the bed for the first few days. I also had to be fed artificially for three weeks. In addition, I had a weak heart attack, which fortunately did not have further consequences. I then spent several weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation center. It took me a lot of effort to be able to use a wheelchair after two weeks. Some time later I was able to switch to a walker and finally crutches. Unfortunately, no further improvement occurred.

I did not want to accept the restrictions in my daily life and gave the regeneration treatment with my own stem cells a chance. The procedure was performed on an outpatient basis and went smoothly. Shortly after the treatment my mobility noticeably increased. The balance problems improved and the paralysis receded completely. A pleasant positive side effect was that the severe fatigue that has accompanied me since the stroke has almost completely disappeared. Now I do not need help from others anymore in everyday life. Maybe I can even return to my job soon.

— Luboš K.

Since 1978 I suffered from constant pain in my knees, which caused me trouble when walking. At that time I also underwent knee surgery, unfortunately without noticeable success. Leg movements hurt and I was restricted in household and farm work. Just a few weeks after treatment with my own stem cells, I noticed a significant improvement: In one knee, I am virtually free of pain. In the other knee I still occasionally have slight limitations, but the condition has improved too. The most important thing for me is that I have regained my independence in everyday life. — Mrs. Z., 81

Last autumn my knee suddenly hurt badly when I was climbing stairs. Unfortunately, the pain did not subside. The examination revealed a cartilage damage in the knee. I got injections to reduce the pain, but I could not do any more sport. Then I decided to undergo knee treatment with my own stem cells. I was very well taken care of by DDr. Heinrich and his team. Already in the first weeks after the procedure an improvement occurred. Over the past 6 months, the condition has steadily improved. I am particularly pleased that walking, hiking, cycling, and swimming are possible again! — Mr. B., 64

I am able to work in my garden again – thanks to my stem cells

I had a lot of pain in my ankle, even at rest. As a result, I could barely work in my garden. Hyalurone and nutritional supplements did not lead to an improvement.

I had confidence in Dr. Heinrich from the beginning. After the treatment, the pain was gone! I am looking forward to the fall, when I can collect mushrooms in the wood again. I am very happy about the result.

— Alfred D., 82

My knee problems started about 5 years ago. I felt pain after moving for some time and while skiing. The pain which gradually worsened. After sitting for a longer period of time I could only get up under strong pain. Walking down and climbing the stairs posed a great problem for me. I could barely kneel down to pick something up. Skiing, gymnastics, as well as running were impossible.

The constant pain burdened me a lot. I wanted to be able to live my everyday life again without severe restrictions. Therefore, I left no stone unturned: Physiotherapy, arthroscopy, rehab stay – but unfortunately without significant success. Then I learned that DDr. Heinrich treated joint problems with autologous fat stem cells. After careful consideration, I decided to undergo this treatment.

The pain subsided shortly after the procedure. Climbing stairs, sitting in the office for a longer period of time, running, and visiting the gym are now easily possible for me again. My knee only hurts a little occasionally – no match for the condition before the treatment! I would definitely do the procedure again and recommend Clinic DDr. Heinrich®.

— Mrs. E., 57

I can dance again!

For about 20 years I suffered from joint pain. My knees hurt as I climbed stairs, went shopping, rode my indoor cycle, and did daily errands. Giving up my hobbies dancing and traveling due to the pain was very depressing for me.

During this long time I got injections again and again, without improvement. I wanted to get along without the help of others, so my everyday life was difficult. In addition, I was limited in my leisure time activities. Through a newspaper report I got aware of the possibility to treat damaged joints with the body’s own stem cells.

I was pleased by the competent and sensitive care by DDr. Heinrich and his team before, during, and after my stem cell knee treatment. About two weeks after the procedure, I noticed a significant improvement in my knees. The new mobility is very good for me. I am now walking a lot again. Due to the increased amount of exercise, I even lost a few pounds.

Recently I visited a ball for the first time since my stem cell treatment. To my great joy I could dance without any pain and enjoy the evening on the dance floor! I was even able to dance boogie… Soon I will travel to Morocco.

I owe new zest for life to the stem cell treatment carried out by DDr. Heinrich.

— Gertraude V., 79

The problems with my feet began about 5 years ago. The pain in my forefeet was getting worse and worse. Walking and climbing stairs made me feel uncomfortable. Due to the painful wear of my joint I was unable to do sports, even working in standing position was impossible. Pain medication only lead to a temporary improvement. The regenerative treatment with my own fat stem cells convinced me. After the treatment of my feet, I noticed that the pain was constantly declining. Today I do not need painkillers anymore and I can go for a walk again.

— Ruža N., 59

I ride my racing bike again!

I have always been very athletic. About 30 years ago, I felt a stinging pain in my knees for the first time. The pain impaired me when going downhill, running, squatting, and stepping down stairs. Knee pain got worse over the years and running, fitness training, and cycling became more and more difficult.

I wanted to be more mobile again, so I put my hope in two knee surgeries, hyaluronic acid injections, and physical treatments. Unfortunately, the desired success did not occur. Since then I have been looking for new treatments.

Then I heard that DDr. Heinrich treated joint problems with the body’s own stem cells. As I already tried most of the conventional treatment options, I saw my chance in this novel treatment. I felt particularly well looked after by DDr. Heinrich and his team around my knee treatment.

After the stem cell treatment my joints’ condition improved steadily. Already the next day I had practically no pain and that’s how it stayed. The first sports activities were successful and meanwhile I’m back on the racing bike. I’m looking forward to more sporting activities.

— Hermann F., 64