Testimonials about Liposuction

I had liposuction treatment on my abdomen using microcannulas and can absolutely recommend Dr. Heinrich. I am very satisfied with the result, especially as it looks totally natural! Everyone, who has to start work again after 3 days, should choose treatment with microcannulas. The extra cost is really worth it. Of course, you have to take it easy for several days afterwards – it’s a small operation, after all. However, the wounds heal very quickly and no scars remain. The man obviously knows what he is doing. — M. W.

Dear DDr. Heinrich,

I must say the entire experience today was amazing.

Your staff was extra helpful and made the surgery very pleasant and was life altering.

Thanks to you and your team.

A. D.

DDr. Heinrich has done a fantastic job on my body. If I look at the result, microcannular liposuction truly pays off – absolutely no visible scars. Highly recommended. — Alex

The initial appointment, the treatment, as well as the check-ups were more than satisfactory! The arrangement of the check-up appointments was fast and my wishes were taken into account! Very satisfied! — Mrs. B.