Testimonials about Liposuction

I am 42 years old and never really had any figure problems before; even after I gave birth I was able to wear my normal clothes again after 5 days.

Hence I was all the more distressed when I started steadily putting on weight in the last two years, even though I hadn’t changed my lifestyle at all. I always take great pains to eat healthily and I engage in athletic activity everyday. In spite of that, however, I started accumulating fat, especially on my hips and belly.

I became more and more distressed and gradually began toying with the idea of a liposuction. Through various media I had been aware of the name DDr. Heinrich for some time, so I started looking online and comparing the various doctors.

Because I am deathly afraid of anesthesia, it was important for me to find someone who could perform the procedure under local anesthesia. Nor did I want to spend a night in the hospital, but wanted instead to be able to go home right away after the procedure. The fact that DDr. Heinrich uses microcannulas also had a substantial influence on my decision.

I thus sent my first inquiry via e-mail to the clinic and received an answer right away. I then scheduled an appointment for two months later, after the summer.

During this conversation DDr. Heinrich explained everything to me in great detail and patiently answered all of the questions that I had prepared.

I never felt that I was being pressured or that anything was being glossed over or withheld from me. DDr. Heinrich was then able to offer me an appointment 5 weeks later, which I made with reservations. I was able to take a week’s time to reflect whether I really wanted to go ahead with the procedure on this day or not. After I thought about it more or less day and night, I finally decided to go ahead with the procedure. I simply no longer felt at ease in my own body and I definitely wanted to change that!

I also felt that I was in good hands in the Ordination Clinic DDr. Heinrich. The assistants too were very patient with me and very helpful in selecting the compression underwear. Whenever I had any concerns they were always there.

I was given detailed informational material and instructions about everything that I needed to do before the operation. They even called me a few days before the appointment one more time in order to make sure that I had taken care of everything and that I was OK.

I was extremely nervous on the day of the operation – even more nervous than I was before going into labor! – but I soon got over it thanks to the loving and professional care. I was never left alone, either a nurse or a surgeon’s assistant was with me at all times and talked to me to keep me from worrying.

They took pictures of me before the operation, and then I was given the anesthetic by injection in the stomach and hips. It didn’t hurt at all.

The procedure itself lasted about an hour and a half and was not as bad as I thought it would be! Obviously there are more pleasant things than a liposuction, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! I felt no pain and had absolutely no trouble getting through it.

After the procedure they bandaged me up well and explained the aftercare to me in detail once more. I was then allowed to go home. I felt so well that I was able to take public transportation.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take off the next day and went right back to work, but that was no problem at all. I didn’t have any pain, it felt no worse than sore muscles. I had hardly any bruises; just one on one buttock cheek and another on one hip, that was all!

The puncture sites were very small and healed very quickly. In fact the entire healing process was quick. I wore the compression underwear longer than necessary because it felt good. At first my skin was very tender and felt spongy, and thus I felt safer with the compression underwear on.

I was actually able to notice a result from the first day on, and now after two months it is obviously even nicer and more clearly visible. Once again I can look at myself in the mirror and not burst into tears, I’m now wearing a whole dress size smaller!

The result is exactly what I had hoped it would be and I am very glad that I went to DDr. Heinrich.

From the beginning on I was treated very nicely and everyone was always very patient with me. I called a few times before the operation, and always received very detailed answers to my questions. I never got the feeling that I was bothering anybody or getting on anybody’s nerves. The nurse called me twice after the operation to ask me how I was doing, and once I was really feeling well I told her that she didn’t need to call me anymore.

It was important to me to feel that I could call at any time and ask about anything, and that was definitely the case.

If I ever need to undergo another procedure (although I hope that that won’t be necessary), I would definitely go to DDr. Heinrich again! He combines professionalism with perfect patient care!

— Dagmar K., 42