Testimonials about Liposuction

The care during the first visit to the clinic was very good; I got an informative overview. My questions were answered very well and the reception just made me feel welcome!

When I got back home after the first visit to the clinic I thought of many more questions. I can truly say that all of my open questions were answered very well and informatively with one call.

The same is true for the aftercare over the telephone. It’s just good to know that I can call at any time and that I will also be taken seriously. I always felt that I was receiving undivided attention.

Plus I’d also like to mention how dedicated and helpful the staff were in selecting my compression underwear. Because I know absolutely nothing about such things, I would have bought the wrong compression pants without their help.

— Mrs. M.

At the beginning of March I contacted the Clinic DDr. Heinrich® in Vienna for the first time. Some time after that I got an appointment for a first get-together.

When I walked into the clinic, I was very friendly welcomed at the entrance by a clinic receptionist. She even took my coat and I was personally escorted to the waiting room. After I was offered to have a cup of coffee, I received some documents which I was supposed to fill out. Here, extensive information was collected about me, e.g., my age, name, etc., and also whether there were any important health aspects, such as allergies or medical history.

After I had spent a few minutes in the waiting room, I was personally picked up by DDr. Heinrich and he escorted me into his doctor’s office.

He asked me for the reason why I came to see him and I explained to him that I was so unhappy with my upper thighs and that I was considering of having a liposuction done.

DDr. Heinrich examined my problem areas and explained to me all important details that are involved in such an intervention.

He specifically explained to me that the use of microcannnulas is much gentler to the body tissue and provides a much faster healing result than ordinary cannulas.
So I decided to choose this alternative and a few weeks later I had the liposuction appointment.

Prior to this, I got advised by the very helpful and patient receptionists in terms of what kind of compression wear I had to buy and I also received a medical prescription for medications which I was supposed to take after the intervention.

So, just a few weeks later I came to get the liposuction done on my upper thighs and part of my buttocks.

I was very anxious, since the medical intervention was going to take place while being fully awake. However, I was welcomed by an incredibly lovely surgical nurse who gave me mild sedative and immediately calmed my nervousness by small talk.

I was asked to come to the operating room where I had to undress at first. DDr. Heinrich came inside, welcomed me very friendly and took a few “before” pictures.
After that, the respective areas of where fat was supposed to be sucked off became marked and then we already got started.

The liposuction was performed without any problems and almost painlessly, since I received local anesthesia prior to the liposuction.

Also during the surgery I was touchingly looked after by the personnel and DDr. Heinrich due to the fact that they obviously were able to notice my anxiety.

But, there was absolutely no need to be anxious or afraid, because everything went very smoothly and immediately after completion when the nurse put a bandage on, I was already able to notice considerable changes at my silhouette. I was greatly impressed!

I was brought to the waiting room and the receptionist gave me some flowers since I courageously endured everything and then called me a taxi. She escorted me to the front of the clinic entrance and waited with me until the taxi arrived. She said goodbye very lovingly and the taxi brought me home, where I first laid me down.

There were blue spots for approximately one week on the treated areas, but they faded away quite fast.

Already after two weeks I was able to see a beautiful result. The blue spots had disappeared, I did not feel any pain and I was overjoyed about my newly formed silhouette.

It is now almost three months since the intervention and I have already been for aftercare at the Clinic. DDr Heinrich® was extremely satisfied with the result and took a few “after” pictures. We then took the “before” and “after” pictures, put them next to each other and I was more than just impressed by the significant improvement!

Since then, I have received so many great compliments about my body shape and I feel so happy that I have finally got rid of my problem areas.

My self confidence has significantly increased. No matter whether I am nude or if I am wearing a bikini or a beautiful dress!

— Claudia S.

So far I have had one appointment (consultation) with Dr. Heinrich. The thought of undergoing any surgery makes me panic, but this doctor inspired confidence in me. It isn’t just that he is nice, as many other doctors are too, but it was his up-to-date methods and his experience that convinced me. I have read a lot of articles about him. He appeals to me. I would also like to recommend his website to you.

Yes, perhaps I can help you out here. To the best of my knowledge, Dr. Heinrich is the best in this field. I don’t think you’ll find anyone better – if I do say so myself. You can also check out his website and read up on him.

For me personally, the fact that he does not perform mechanical liposuctions was and is very important. Instead he is a true craftsman, that is, he works with so-called microcannulas, which is presently the best and least invasive liposuction method. It costs more than the usual standard methods, which incidentally he also uses. I can’t give you an exact price. But perhaps you should just get in touch with him and make an appointment. After all, you should only put yourself in the hands of a specialist and not a dabbler.

— MonikLan

I am super satisfied with the result, it really looks absolutely terrific, above all completely natural, no one would ever guess that I’d had a liposuction; I have no dents or unevenness whatsoever. I am very glad that I decided to go through with this procedure.

Extremely satisfied! The staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful. I was optimally looked after! I was totally pleased ☺. — Mrs. F.