Fat-Away Injection (Injection Lipolysis)

Fat-away injection (injection lipolysis) is an effective, gentle method to reduce undesirable, especially superficial fat deposits. It can also be employed to assist in weight loss by targeting stubborn regions and to promote regression of excess skin. It is well suited for anyone wishing to reduce smaller, superficial fat pads in the body (e.g., cellulite) and face (e.g., double chin, bags under the eyes) without surgery.

DDr. Heinrich was one of the first doctors in Europe to perform injection lipolysis. Application studies as well as years of clinical experience have enabled DDr. Heinrich to improve injection lipolysis considerably so his patients can profit optimally from the treatment.


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Local fat pads are injected with a fat dissolving natural substance (lecithin/cholate) following a sophisticated injection pattern optimized for the relevant condition. Thereby the fat cells are destroyed and gradually drained by the body’s lymphatic system. As a general rule two treatments at least two weeks apart are necessary for optimal results.

Aftercare is minimal, and in general there are rarely any side effects. Temporary swelling, reddening, and sometimes bruises are typical reactions. The desired fat reduction with fat-away injection can only be achieved in around 80 % of the treated patients. 5 % of the patients do not respond at all to the active substances at and another 10 to 15 % only respond to a limited extent.


The results achievable with the treatment sometimes approach those that can be obtained with properly performed liposuction. As a general rule up to 2 cm circumferential reduction can be expected in the regions treated with fat-away injection. Cellulite can be effectively treated too. A special form of fat-away injection (“mesotherapy”) is used in this case.

All after photos show the results actually achieved by the treatment. To protect the anonymity of the depicted persons individual physical characteristics (e.g., moles, tattoos) might have been removed.

DDr. Heinrich achieves these successes with a special, refined injection technique, dosages precisely adapted to the respective region, and special injection aids. Effective use of fat-away injection requires a great deal of artistic skill, which can only be acquired with years of experience and practice.

Some fat pads are especially well suited for treatment with fat-away injection, others less so. Fat-away injection can also be combined with liposuction for optimal figure contouring.