Liposuction on the Belly

Unpleasant fat deposits on the belly (upper belly, lower belly) equally occur in both women and men. This infamous “spare tire” often stubbornly resists targeted muscle training as well as diets as the lost kilos are not alway lost in the “right place” (belly) but rather somewhere else.

Abdominal fat is not only undesirable for aesthetical reasons. It is associated with health hazards, because the risk of cardiovascular diseases is increased. That is one of the reasons why combining comprehensive weight loss with a well-targeted liposuction on the belly can be advisable to cure obesity.

Goodbye, Spare Tire

Undesirable abdominal fat can be removed by liposuction.

The liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and takes about 1 to 3 hours, depending on the extent of body regions to be treated. In case of liposculpture, a particularly tissue-conserving way of liposuction, your belly fat is exclusively harvested in precise manual work. One of the quality features of this method is the avoidance of suction machines or scalpels.

Optionally we are working with thin microcannulas with a diameter of 1.0 to 2.5 millimeters or with regular cannulas with a diameter starting at 3.0 millimeters.

All after photos show the results actually achieved by the treatment. To protect the anonymity of the depicted persons individual physical characteristics (e.g., moles, tattoos) might have been removed.

The Period after Liposuction

I am completely satisfied. All were outstandingly friendly, attentive and helpful!

Mrs. Dr. K.

Our liposuction method is very gentle, so the effort of aftercare is minimal: After a liposculpture with microcannulas you have to wear a bandage overnight, afterwards an abdominal corset and additionally an abdominal belt for 2 weeks. If regular liposuction cannulas were used, the course of healing takes longer and you need the abdominal corset and belt for 4 to 8 weeks.

After a liposuction on the belly you are commonly able to work the following day after the procedure. Loose, comfortable clothes are helping in concealing the abdominal support garments, therefore in almost every profession there is only a very short time of missed work.

If liposuction on the belly was performed with microcannulas, in an optimal course of healing you can practice sports normally after approx. 2 to 3 weeks. The healing process after a liposuction with regular cannulas takes a few weeks longer according to experience.