Frequently Asked Questions about Stem Cell Therapy

Will mesenchymal stem cells only grow into the desired type of cells or can they become something else?

Theoretically mesenchymal stem cells can grow into all type of mesenchymal cells. Which type of cells they become would be determined by the micro-environment of the targeted tissue. Thus the surrounding tissue in which the stem cells are injected would control what kind of cells (skin cells, fat cells, muscle cells, etc.) they develop into. New scientific research suggest that injected stem cells do not become cells of the targeted tissue but rather prompt the localized stem cells via excretion of cytokines to regenerate the defective tissue.

Are the implanted mesenchymal stem cells capable of uncontrolled growth?

No, implanted mesenchymal stem cells will not grow this way. The targeted tissue controls which way the stem cells behave. As said previously their role is not to grow into any cell but rather to secret cytokines that enable localized regeneration in the targeted tissue.

Is Celution® the same thing as stem cell-assisted lipotransfer?

No. Stem cell-assisted lipotransfer (CAL) is the procedure and Celution® is an extraction technique developed by the company Cytori. A patented mechanical device approved for use in the EU is employed for automating and standardizing the preparation of mesenchymal stem cells from body fat. Celution® is used in the Clinic DDr. Heinrich® as an alternative to the standard laboratory technique.

What distinguishes embryonic stem cells from adult stem cells?

Primarily the age and the human embryonic tissue origin. Although embryonic stem cells possess a somewhat higher biological potential than adult stem cells, their use is not only ethically questionable but also linked to an elevated risk of malignant degeneration (cancer). For these reasons the use of autologous adult stem cells is recommended for patients. Even at an advanced age these cells – like sperm cells – have a very high biological potential.

Does stem-cell assisted lipotransfer (CAL) have anything to do with embryos?

No! Stem cell-assisted lipotransfer is therapy with adult autologous stem cells and is not to be confused with stem cell therapy with embryonic stem cells, which for ethical reasons and because of possible undesired side effects is not allowed in Austria.

Can dents be corrected with mesenchymal stem cells?

Dents can be corrected with stem cell-enriched autologous fat at the Clinic DDr. Heinrich®. As a general rule the results are excellent and permanent.

What regions of the body can be treated with stem cell-enriched autologous fat?

Stem cell-enriched autologous fat can be used as a long-lasting, 100 % natural filler for body contouring and wrinkle treatment (e.g., of the cleavage and hands) as well as for skin rejuvenation. The higher the content of stem cells in the transplanted autologous fat, the greater the regenerating and rejuvenating effect exerted on the skin over the treated area. Breasts, buttocks, thighs, and all other body parts that contain fat can therefore be sustainably contoured with stem cell-enriched autologous fat.