DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, MD

In the legendary Golden Age, people lived in relative ease to more than 100 years old, stayed healthy, attractive, and vital, and only showed slight signs of aging such as grayer hair. Through their own fault, as morally embellished in folk legends, human beings lost this paradise and exchanged it for our modern world, for a life full of troubles, illness, attrition of the body, and visible, unattractive aging.

Over the millennia alchemists and doctors in all cultures have been trying to restore a part of that Golden Age, namely remaining healthy, mobile, vital, and beautiful for as long as possible, to humanity.

Interdisciplinary Regenerative and Rejuvenative Medicine

Our Clinic DDr. Heinrich® offers you interdisciplinary therapeutically indicated regenerative and rejuvenating medicine, whose development has been influenced by findings in all medical fields: autologous stem cells, bioidentical hormones, growth factors, and minimally invasive surgery are increasingly replacing old, invasive types of treatment using scalpels, prostheses, and artificial implants under general anesthesia.

Hence the aims and indications for regenerative therapies are very multifaceted and range from purely visual improvements to the development of gentle treatment alternatives instead of currently common invasive therapies to novel therapeutical approaches for previously untreatable diseases. In joint problems in particular, treatments with the body’s own stem cells have turned out to be a proven alternative to conventional joint prostheses in many cases.

In the regenerative and rejuvenating medicine, we regard many aesthetically displeasing body forms and “symptoms of aging” in the face and body as symptoms of certain deficiencies and even physical ailments. In particular, also psychological stress from which people concerned often suffer for years or decades because they reject their bodies, can in each case have far-reaching consequences, which are especially detrimental to the health.

The best moments are when my patients tell me that their treatment in our clinic has helped them to gain more mobility, vitality, joy of life, and satisfaction.

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, MD

Remedies of the regenerative and rejuvenating medicine can often also have therapeutic effects improving physical and/or psychological health of the patient. Examples of these are liposuction as a supportive measure for weight loss for the purpose of reducing cardiovascular risks or to correct fat distribution disorders, the treatment of premature aging caused by chronic stress, and breast augmentation with the body’s own fat for the treatment of hypoplastic breast forms (congenital underdevelopment of the female breast) and volume loss (e.g., in cases of severe, psychologically stressing loss of breast volume after breastfeeding).

Ethics and Aesthetics

We do not carry out surgery purely for cosmetic purposes (more precisely: “body modifications”), which neither serve the correction of objective physical deficits, nor are therapeutically indicated to treat the psychological suffering of the patient, any more at all. In this regard, we usually recommend competent colleagues.

Because of my ethical understanding, I refuse to alter the natural body shape as desired by exhausting all medical options. The diversity of human appearance, even or especially if it does not match the current ideal of beauty, makes the world more colorful and interesting. I see my responsibility as a doctor in helping patients with the treatment options offered by modern regenerative and rejuvenating medicine to improve their health, self-confidence, and zest for life.

I see my task as your doctor in fulfilling your expectations with the innovative therapeutic possibilities of the regenerative and rejuvenative medicine.

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, MD

By the way, I decided to become a Board-certified General Practitioner* after completing my medical studies, focusing on regenerative medicine and aesthetics, since I could foresee that this medical field would require an interdisciplinary approach to treatment and research findings would be used from many different medical disciplines. Therefore, interdisciplinary training, as is the case for a Board-certified General Practitioner, offers excellent starting conditions for this specialization (Aesthetic Practitioner).

I invite you to learn about the fascinating treatments of modern regenerative and rejuvenating medicine, which can help you to gain (more) mobility, vitality, zest for life, and health! If you have questions, just write to me or schedule an appointment for a personal discussion. We also welcome any comments and feedback! We will gladly fulfill your particular wishes or needs, because individual and personal care is a priority for me and our team.


DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich

* In Austria: Doctor of general medicine or general practitioner (Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin)