Frequently Asked Questions about Regenerative Therapies

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich

How much does Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich cost?

Each Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich is tailored to the individual needs of the patients. The costs depend mainly on the therapy goals, the quantity of hormones used, and how long the therapy lasts.

Can Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich be used as a kind of “spa stay”?

In fact it has much more potential to restore energy than any spa stay conceivable. Many patients undergo Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich to restore their energy when their life feels loaded privately or professionally or even both ways. Due to hormonal regeneration patients become more resilient and can avoid “burnout” (exhaustion of the endocrine glands due to stress).

When should Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich be repeated?

That depends on the individual needs of the patient. Some patients undergo a Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich only every few years, for instance when they are under a lot of stress, whereas others repeat it annually. For a sustainable rejuvenation and performance enhancing effect, we recommend undergoing Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich once every one or two years.

How long do the results achieved with Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich last?

This varies for each individual and is very much dependent upon lifestyle as well as diet. The results persist the longest if the eating habits and lifestyle practiced during the Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich are also maintained after the end of the therapy.

Will Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich smooth wrinkles?

If the wrinkles are not already too deep, they will smooth and the face along with the entire body will be rejuvenated visibly, in some cases seemingly for two decades. With mesotherapy and various forms of autologous lipotransfer, stubborn wrinkles can be improved and sometimes even eliminated completely.

What can I reasonably expect as a treatment goal?

If you diligently administer your therapy a “rejuvenation” in well-being, resilience, endurance, and visual appearance by as much as 15 years is possible. Depending upon your individual circumstances, health status, and age, such result is achievable with Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich. The more rejuvenation you desire, the more efforts (and costs) need to be invested in your therapy plan.

When will I see results from Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich?

With Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich, increases in performance and improvements in well-being generally manifest themselves after ca. one or two weeks. Rejuvenation in appearance generally takes one to two months.

Are stem cells also used in Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich?

Optionally, supplemental treatments with autologous stem cells harvested from autologous fat may be administered during Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich in order to achieve a longer-lasting regenerative effect. The administration of hormones stimulates stem cell activity in the body and thus already exerts a regenerative effect on the body and its organs.

What role does diet play in Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich?

A diet as “appropriate to the species” as possible is recommended for optimally balanced hormone secretion in the body. This applies to both humans and animals. Diet recommendations are given at the start of Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich, and they should be followed during (and also after) the therapy. Furthermore regular short period fasting is recommended to help the body “wipe out” detrimental material.

How is the rejuvenation with Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich achieved?

Most of the hormone deficiencies responsible for the loss of performance capacity and beauty with age are best corrected by supplemental administration of the deficient hormones (by taking them orally, applying them to the skin, injection, etc.). This must take place subtly, in balance with all hormones involved and under constant supervision by a doctor. An appropriate diet that strengthens the endocrine glands is recommended. In younger patients actual hormone replacement may not (yet) be necessary. The glands can be stimulated by giving so-called secretagogue substances.

How long does a Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich last?

Normally either 3 months or 6 months. Needs for periodic refreshments and maintenance therapies are established on an individual basis and depend upon the goals of the therapy.

What hormones are used in Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich?

In Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich, use is made mainly of bioidentical hormones such as DHEA, melatonin, testosterone, cortisol, growth hormones and many others that are identical to human hormones in their molecular structure. Sometimes non-bioidentical hormones are used to achieve certain effects, such as a deposit effect, for example. All prescribed hormones are administered in individually measured doses in balance with each other.

According to current scientific knowledge, is there an increased risk of cancer associated with hormone treatments?

The administration of high doses of certain specific non-bioidentical hormones as monotherapy can stimulate the growth of certain existing tumors. Certain synthetic estrogens have been implicated in doing so. Mainly bioidentical hormones in precisely adjusted, optimal dosages are administered in Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich. The health status of the patient is assessed with laboratory tests, medical history, and examinations prior to any Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich. According to the latest scientific findings, there is a causal relationship between the drop in hormone levels with age and the increased risk of cancer in the elderly. Hence a circumspect Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich may even decrease the risk of cancer.