Stem Cell Therapy for the Face, Skin, and Hair

Our faces and bodies age because the biological quality and elasticity of the skin diminish and the subcutaneous tissue, musculature, and all other body structures atrophy. We are all familiar with the signs of time: the skin loses its tone and “freshness”, wrinkles become deeper and permanent, hair density and quality decline. The aging process is particularly noticeable on the hands and cleavage, much to the regret of many.

There are promising therapeutic approaches with stem cells and growth factors for both skin rejuvenation and hair growth regeneration. In many cases it is possible to dispense with hair transplants and surgical procedures such as facelifts and eyelid correction, in which the skin is pulled back and the excess tissue is excised. Instead lost volume is restored in a tissue-conserving, natural manner and both the subcutaneous tissue and the skin are regenerated.

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